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  1. A way to get away from tracking borker your successful EA ( the Maze )
  2. Wish List: Indicator Programming Requests
  3. Wish List: EA Programming Requests
  4. Posting Rule MUST READ!!!!Posting Rule MUST READ!!!!
  5. please help add news filter: Steady Winner v4
  6. How to Add A Timefilter
  7. How to Add A newsfilter
  8. How to Add A Breakeven
  9. 5 digit broker code
  10. Add Money Managenent code
  11. Add Trailing Stop Code
  12. Hide TP + SL Code
  13. Add Min Max Lots Code
  14. How To Add Magic Number Code
  15. Add Max No Of Orders Code
  16. Make ECN Compatible Code
  17. Require Display alert
  18. Moving average TRENDLINE
  19. Add new Arrow_style
  20. (Completed Request) Tidane EA 1.00
  21. Request to sticky completed requests
  22. Decode tpl into Indicators
  23. [req] PrintScreen Code
  24. MQL Question
  25. req MQ4 to MQ5
  26. req MQ4 to MQ5
  27. Hedging EA
  28. need coding for swing trading ea
  29. Gonzo EA
  30. REQ: Help with coding hedge EA
  31. EA work in a Renko chart or constant range bar chart?
  32. positive correlation
  33. anyone can put in my expert "start time & end time "
  34. Internal grid ea
  35. Ea crashing on windows xp
  36. Possible to Backtest Two EA's?
  37. indicator trading with possible best exit strategies
  38. Price acceleration indicator and ea
  39. Please with atr indicator
  40. Catching the Wind
  41. can some help with this indicator
  42. Spread Monitor
  43. (REQ) Make this an EA
  44. Copying one profile pair settings to another!! Help
  45. Required EA
  46. Have an indicator I would like to convert to EA
  47. slippage parameter in OrderSend
  48. Adding an minus ..
  49. Optimizing period for an EA
  50. MultiTerminal Pro - needs edu
  51. Help to combine two EAs into one
  52. Breaking in to black-boxes
  53. {Req} Need martiange technique this EA
  54. (REQUEST) EA I can set the target profit, Stop lost and Trailing Stop
  55. HELP! target profit, Stop lost and Trailing Stop to PushButtonPips ea?
  56. MQL books
  57. Could anyone code this ea with another ea
  58. seeking help to make EA better
  59. Harmonic pattern indicator
  60. [REQ] Scripts for Orders
  61. MT4 Error Codes
  63. Gonzo 2
  64. close a trade down by points and not pips?
  65. Please can i get a programmer to convert all my indicators into just one arrow
  66. Need coding for a trade manager
  67. Can you make it work in real account?
  68. Anyone using swiss army EA ?
  69. Ac+ao+sar = ea
  70. line breakout 2
  71. add email alert?
  72. Sof signal make it ea
  73. Help The Best Channel Line Indicator
  74. I Have a WORKING arbitrage system
  75. Over bought over sold pyramid ea
  76. (REQUEST)~ convert EA to script anyone PLEASE :)
  77. GMACD - Email Alert Please
  78. help to fix - classic Marti EA
  79. ADD Break even or trailing stop
  80. Slumdog based EA
  81. little programming help?
  82. lsma in color - alert needed
  83. Please fix small problem this simple EA
  84. Does any one know how to change the codes in Line studies
  85. ECN broker ea wont work.
  86. Please help with translation
  87. Enable/Disable EA's at certain times
  88. strategy testing a indicator
  89. Grab Candles Alert needed
  90. is it possible to load script automatically?
  91. (REQUEST) EA Creator PRO
  92. Is it possible to fix expiry of EAs
  93. Need sound alert to this indicator
  94. can u help stovedude :)
  95. Srs trend manager modification
  96. Trade journal
  97. How to diable an indicator
  98. order script modification
  99. request ed for AUTOCHARTIST indicators
  100. Fish indicator Formula
  101. Close current instant order with hot key
  102. educating eztrender
  103. mql and windows 7
  104. Add messeage alert to the Rubicon Indicator
  105. [REQ] Alert QQE ADV
  106. QQE adv EA Required
  107. Add magic number
  108. New EA project started. Help is appreciated.
  109. Need news filter to this EA
  110. Add pop up alert to this indicator
  111. Add pop up alert to Raitis Trading System
  112. Add pop up alert to Raitis Stoch
  113. up bar down bar indicator conversion to mq5
  114. Help MQL Programming
  115. Help MQL Programming
  116. Making MetaTrader Speak + talking clock
  117. Please fix thix this Stochocciliator EA
  118. Need help on this Envelope indicator!!!
  119. Is there EA/Script for "Pending Order" entry and allows to assign Magic No.?
  120. Help MQL Programming EA Error
  121. Need Sell logic as now working only Buy Logic -reg.,
  122. Make this EA work please
  123. Martin ea
  124. Can I use a Russian EA on my english MT4
  125. add an alert with this indicator QTA_v3 and ZIG HARD POINTER V3
  126. Ind_tester EA required
  127. Make this EA Hedging please !!!!
  128. how to set lifetime for pending orders?
  129. Help !!!!
  130. C@bleRunV4
  131. forex groth bot make it reverse
  132. Need 100% profitable ea whats some modification
  133. Trade Copy EA - Error
  134. Need Assistance to Decompile Excellent Signal Indi - Infocator
  135. calculate end of month
  136. Need Help combining 2 EMA EA
  137. Manual trading pretending with EA
  138. Scalping EA delaying - opinion please
  139. Can some one write these algorithm to me
  140. EA - question
  141. MT4 server API
  142. STOVEDUDE missing from action
  143. Need MQL Programmer EA. Highly profitable with an amazing accuracy rate!
  144. Mj may i receive help on this non re-painting fisher indicator
  145. Mj may i receive help on this non re-painting fisher indicator
  146. Need MQL Programmer EA. Highly profitable with an amazing accuracy rate!
  147. news filter
  148. Need help in changing this ea
  149. Indicator modification
  150. 4 digit to 5 digit broker help
  151. Req: Need this 4 digit broker script to work on 5 digit too!! Very useful script !!
  152. REQ: forexegg.com indicators
  153. Profitable EA (live proof) in exchange for...
  154. need magic number
  155. Help : EA trading demo but not real money account
  156. MQL Doevents
  157. Pt3
  158. Need Help: Adding Minimum & Maximum Lot size , Maximum Order
  159. İndİcator coder request
  160. Script or EA help
  161. Need to add a imput to a EA i,m testing
  162. Excellent indicator, Can you make expert on this indicator
  163. Help with EA Error
  164. Max DD and Margin Used
  165. Indi needs alert
  166. mq4mq5 convertor
  167. Change color of lines...
  168. Need help with programming an EA
  169. Need create expert for 1m
  170. EA late opening problem
  171. FiboRetracement3D
  172. Unbelievable system!! Make EA please
  173. Wish list: MACD cross over zero line alert
  174. Alert for Pip accumulator indicator please :)
  175. hello it is urgent i have a modification
  176. Need help with programming an EA
  177. Macd filter with just the icing needed
  178. Drag and Drop Stop Loss script problem
  179. Very profitable system, but impossible to code. Am i right guys ?
  180. c++ programming needed.
  181. Partial close script Dose't work with Exness live account
  182. Help me for sclaping Indicator Converting in to EA
  183. ADR/ATR Need AUDIO Alert
  184. EP, TP, SL alert
  185. Please help in order/ money management EA
  186. holy grail EA but not making trades on live chart
  187. REQ Safe manual trend following system
  188. Macros - Are they possible?
  189. How to test after hours?
  190. Help to Make This Ultimate EA?
  191. Need Help To Change Alert Settings on 2MA_Crossover Indicator
  192. Use of Zigzag
  193. Programming an exit based on this indicator
  194. Programming of T & C wonders indicator for entry and exit with sound alert
  195. SMI Indicator Modification
  196. Cross check with Lookback
  197. Lets build our own EA,s
  198. indicator or ea based 2EMA, 1RSI, 2CCi
  199. I got an amazing system! Need to make EA.
  200. indicator with arrow
  201. Create an alert
  202. Needed
  203. Please Help Me .. for Pending Order Code
  204. No Loss Trading Strategy...can we make an ea???
  205. Anybody, can you decompile this file
  206. EA for this indicator
  207. Please decompile Indi
  208. I am looking for someone to program this indicator please :)
  209. Robot not running .......
  210. SMI (Stochastic Momentum Index)
  211. Sweet and Simple request
  212. Fix Repainting
  213. What Is "unused" variable after decompiled ex4?
  214. mt4 indicator does not update
  215. (REQ) Bollinger Multi Time Frame and Multi Pair
  216. Software for DLL files editing reshack_setup
  217. Can some kind person tell me where I am in error?
  218. Strategy for scalping, very good results : indicator would be nice :)
  219. (Share) good indicator to make EA
  220. Mtf
  221. Great strategy need coded into an EA!
  222. MMManipulate_Zones.mq4 - help with code error!
  223. (urgent req) neuro forex strength trend predictor mq4 code
  224. Need help to decompile two indicators
  225. [req] software for testing
  226. help for making hedging EA
  227. Solar wind
  228. need help for coding ea
  229. MT4 platform unreliability - critical issues
  230. Need trailing stop for"close53 mq4"
  231. How To Begin?
  232. N0n r3painting indicat0r
  233. 1-2-3 Pattern MTF Alert Help
  234. Spread Logger
  235. Need help to modify indi
  236. Need help for code MA filter
  237. SWB Modified Trader needs Help
  238. Cumulative number for RSI(2)
  239. [REQ] Script to open Buy Sell Close - Thanks!
  240. Broken the code
  241. How do I get the Exp MA of an Indicators value ?
  242. beast ADX Crossing look
  243. Dynamic range indicator...can we make an ea????
  244. Looking for an indy to send email when trade execute
  245. How to create an EA from an Indicator?
  246. Help to creat an ea the trade holy grail
  247. Great System - looking for a Coder
  248. Help To Learn MQL4
  249. i-Trend alert
  250. Help to read values in a subwindow