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  2. The Importance Of News In Forex Trading
  3. Forex News Update
  4. news related to forex
  5. Moody's adjusts ratings of 9 European sovereigns to capture downside risks
  6. what going on in Greek
  7. Euro falls below $1.25 on Greek fears
  8. Spains Borrowing Costs Rise as Bank Woes Deepen
  9. The Problem With Europe Is Not Just the Euro
  10. Euro edges up but Spain fears leave it vulnerable
  11. Euro And Risk Currencies Supported While Yen Very Well Bid
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  13. Key Economic Events In The Coming Week: August 6 10
  14. Daily Market Review 03/09/2012
  15. Gold trading tips
  16. The fiscal cliff alert,Moody's and Fitch, or cut the U.S. credit rating
  17. Attractive longer? Singapore Casino third quarter earnings down
  18. U.S. unemployment rate soared Sandy losses and manufacturing ‧ CPI dips
  19. China September is still the largest foreign holder of U.S. Treasury
  20. U.S. fiscal cliff the ‧ US's credit assessment fear of reoccurrence drop rating crisi
  21. Chinese enterprises suspend production ratio record 3-year high
  22. IMF: if the United States falling fiscal cliff ‧ global shock
  23. Japanese young people fear into the technology industry
  24. Japan machinery orders grow first time in three months
  25. The Mitsui & Co. active mergers and acquisitions wins shares God
  26. Interest rates or a rise in late 2013, the New Zealand dollar / U.S. dollar was calm
  27. Cyprus startling news of bankruptcy ‧ Poland economic slowdown
  28. Two years facing the risk of recession again
  29. COZfx: Oil’s upside limited as fiscal cliff talk’s falter
  30. COZfx: Euro continues its upward momentum
  31. OPTIONS TRADER Makes $105MM PROFIT in the NDX, SPX & RUT - Her STORY
  32. COZfx: GBP/USD firms as market gains hopes for fiscal cliff deal
  33. COZfx: USD/JPY edges lower but still near 2 years high
  34. Worry about the side effects of excessive ‧ Fed hinted QE3 this year exit
  35. Rumors of an additional 476 billion to boost the economy in Japan
  36. COZfx: USD/CAD almost unchanged in quiet trade
  37. Deficit of $ 43 billion. U.S. Treasury mid-bottomed
  38. COZfx: USD/CHF almost unchanged, ECB meeting in focus
  39. The U.S. trade deficit in November last year ‧ accidents by 15.8%
  40. Taiwan and South Korea import data substandard ‧ China's December export irrigation?
  41. Japan liabilities deterioration ‧ IMF warning (BFS Forex)
  42. COZfx: EUR/USD off session lows after US retail data
  43. COZfx: Pound extends losses, hits 7-week lows vs. USD
  44. China's 2012 foreign direct investment by 28.6% (BFS Forex)
  45. eBay last quarter sales rose 18% ‧ better-than-expected (BFS Forex)
  46. COZfx: USD/CHF weekly outlook
  47. COZfx: USD/CAD near 6-month highs on BoC rate view
  48. COZfx: USD/JPY weekly outlook
  49. 7.9% worse-than-expected U.S. unemployment rate in January (BFS Forex)
  50. The yen depreciate kept scared ‧ South Korea's export industry (BFS Forex)
  51. EU countries among ‧ Luxembourg richest people (BFS Forex)
  52. COZfx: Traders eyes on ECB, NZD/USD lower in cautious trade
  53. Big Mac Index: HK most underestimated ‧ NT reasonable (BFS Forex)
  54. COZfx: USD/CHF rise slightly, near 3-week high
  55. euro usd
  56. COZfx: GBP/USD gains limited
  57. News Event unexpected data
  58. COZfx: Italian electoral worries wane, EUR/JPY gains
  59. COZfx: EUR/USD dropped to 7-week lows
  60. BFSforex: Yahoo will shut down a number of products and services
  61. COZfx: NZD/USD weekly outlook in the week ahead
  62. COZfx: AUD/USD weekly outlook in the week ahead
  63. BFSforex: Open market forward and reverse repurchase operate alternately
  64. Fed Vice Chairman wide amount of escort
  65. COZfx: USD/CHF rose before central bank meetings
  66. BFSforex: Rejected by the Bank of Japan to advance the implementation of the indefini
  67. BFSforex: American Banking enhance the ability to resist risks
  68. BFSforex: Hong Kong officials: pay close attention to the changes of the property mar
  69. COZfx: GBP/USD continues losses, hits 2.5 year lows
  70. BFSforex: Kuroda: purchasing a derivatives
  71. BFSforex: January leading indicators reported the News
  72. BFSforex: Cast money into Asia ‧ Southeast Asian super heat
  73. BFSforex:Western Europe dragged ‧G20 growth of 0.5% from the final quarter of slowing
  74. COZfx: EUR/USD off lows but upside seen limited
  75. Cozforex: USD/CAD declined ahead of Fed
  76. BlackRock hires Credit Suisse executive to bolster hedge fund unit
  77. Learning from Cyprus
  78. Five questions to get to brass tacks with your money manager
  79. Canadian advisers see gains, pitfalls in social media
  80. Europe chokes moral hazard: James Saft
  81. Trustee bills $3.7 million for unwinding broker Peregrine
  82. SEC press release creates waves in Boston criminal trial
  83. Leveraged loan guidance less restrictive than feared
  84. Gradual retirement poses planning challenges
  85. Making the jump ahead of bonus-disclosure rule
  86. Cyprus Fallout: Eurozone Still Making Up Rules on the Fly - Fox Business
  87. Home Prices Are Accelerating Across the U.S. - NASDAQ
  88. Buffett's Goldman Sachs Agreement Change Latest Development in Lucrative ... - NASDAQ
  89. Orders for Durable Goods in U.S. Increase More Than Forecast - Bloomberg
  90. Berkshire Set to Get Big Goldman Stake - Wall Street Journal
  91. Texas Senate support could help the business of craft breweries - MyFox Houston
  92. $616 Million Poorer, Hedge Fund Owner Still Buys Art - New York Times
  93. Kazumasa Iwata Joins Kuroda Naysayers as BOJ to Meet: Economy - Bloomberg
  94. Asian shares gain as US data builds optimism - Reuters
  95. Euro sulks near four-month low, yen softened by BOJ hopes - Reuters
  96. Steve Cohen pays $155m for Picasso's Le Reve - Telegraph.co.uk
  97. Billionaire Steve Cohen pays $155m for Picasso's Le Reve
  98. Fed tells Citi to improve anti-laundering systems - Wall Street Journal
  99. BOE Says UK Banks Have Capital Shortfall of $38 Billion
  100. Cyprus controls expected to hit foreign transactions
  101. Forex - Broadly weaker euro near 4-month lows vs. dollar
  102. Pending Sales of US Existing Homes Fell 0.4% in February
  103. UK Banks Need Almost $38 Billion in Capital
  104. Cyprus bank concerns, Italian political uncertainty keep markets in check
  105. Equities slip as eurozone worries grow
  106. IMF, citing $1.9 trillion in government subsidies, calls for levies to curb use
  107. Fed's Evans: likely to need to maintain bond buys to end of year - Reuters
  108. Bankruptcy judge OKs American-US Airways deal, but won't sign off on ...
  109. Euro Drops to Less Than $1.28 Amid Cyprus Concern as Krona Gains
  110. Two Fed Presidents Call for Pressing on With QE Through 2013
  111. AMR merger moves ahead on court approval
  112. JPMorgan's Credit Outlook Raised to Stable From Negative by S&P
  113. Craft brewers have 'good day' in Texas Senate
  114. JPMorgan risk disclosures fell short for regulators: documents
  115. News Summary: Upbeat forecast from research firm whets investors' appetite for ... -
  116. T-Mobile's MetroPCS Merger Rejected by Advisory Firm
  117. Texas ranks high in rolling out new breweries
  118. BOJ chief says Japan economy on the mend
  119. Wal-Mart steps up its online game with help from stores
  120. Italy and Cyprus fears take toll on euro, yen firms while easing awaited
  121. South Korea cuts 2013 growth view, fuels rate cut bets -
  122. Italy and Cyprus fears take toll on euro, yen firms while easing awaited - Reuters
  123. South Korea cuts 2013 growth view, fuels rate cut bets
  124. Calm Reigns in Cyprus as Banks Prepare to Open
  125. Hedge Fund Titan Buys Hamptons Property for $60 Million
  126. Wal-Mart may get customers to deliver packages to online buyers
  127. Euro, shares recover as Cyprus banks reopen
  128. Jobless Claims in US Increase More Than Forecast
  129. US growth revised higher
  130. Wall Street edges higher as S&P 500 tops record close
  131. Jobless claims rise, but GDP data shows more growth
  132. BlackBerry has a long way to go
  133. Euro Rises Amid Cyprus Calm
  134. RIM Success in 4Q, but Too Early to Declare Win
  135. Edgy Calm as Banks in Cyprus Reopen - New York Times
  136. S&P 500 Breaks Record - Wall Street Journal
  137. Amazon to Buy Goodreads for Undisclosed Sum - ABC News
  138. New York Court Upholds Sales Tax for Online Retailers - New York Times
  139. Economy Grows Despite Tax Rise and Spending Cuts - New York Times
  140. Insurance Prices Could Jump - Wall Street Journal
  141. World's first bitcoin ATM in Cyprus? - Cyprus Mail
  142. Amazon, Overstock Lose Challenge to N.Y. Web Sales Tax - Bloomberg
  143. Jobless Claims Rise More Than Expected - Fox Business
  144. 'Lean In' author Sandberg: It's time for women to lead - Chicago Tribune
  145. COZfx: USD/CHF moving northwards near 2-month highs
  146. Japan suffers decline in factory output - Financial Times
  147. Japan Manufacturers See Rebound as Yen Lightens Outlook: Economy - Bloomberg
  148. I'd rather have employees who don't just 'lean in,' but are 'all in' - Inside Tucson
  149. Japanese shares seen buoyant with BoJ on focus - GlobalPost
  150. Five Books Exactly Like 'Lean In' - Daily Beast
  151. SAC Capital Advisors Trader Is Arrested - Wall Street Journal
  152. Is there a 'dislike' button? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg hit with $1.1 billion .
  153. Consumer Spending in U.S. Increases by Most in Five Months - Bloomberg
  154. EPA rule would cut smog-causing sulfur in gas - USA TODAY
  155. Payrolls Increased in 42 U.S. States in February, Led by Texas - Bloomberg
  156. UPS to Settle Web Pharmacy Case - Wall Street Journal
  157. Rampant Speculation: Did Amazon Pay $1 Billion for Goodreads? - Businessweek
  158. Virginia's jobless rate steady at 5.6 percent in February; still below national ... -
  159. UPS Delivers a Check in Drug Probe - Wall Street Journal (blog)
  160. More Signs of Sturdy Growth: Consumer Spending Rises - CNBC.com
  161. California to delay cuts in federal unemployment benefits - San Francisco Chronicle (
  162. UPS Will Forfeit $40 Million Over Illegal Drug Shipments - New York Times
  163. Dell Makes Case to Go Private in Grim Filing - Wall Street Journal
  164. State unemployment rate drops to 9.6%; employers add 41200 jobs - Los Angeles Times
  165. Reports Show Income Is Up, and So Is Spending - New York Times
  166. After Cyprus, how many more crises can the euro survive? - The Guardian
  167. Texas adds 80600 jobs in February, its biggest monthly gain ever - Dallas Morning New
  168. Michigan Consumer Sentiment Rose to 78.6 in March From 77.6 - Bloomberg
  169. City jobless rate stubbornly high; 'skills gap' cited - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
  170. Consumer sentiment rises in March - MarketWatch
  171. Cyprus thumbs its nose at EU 'bullies' - USA TODAY
  172. CONSUMER SENTIMENT: March Consumer Sentiment Level Soars to 78.7 - Pentagon Post
  173. Authorities: $600M Ponzi scheme incubated in small NC town; regulators ... - Washingt
  174. After Cyprus, the EU's Attention Turns to Tiny Luxembourg - Businessweek
  175. ZeekRewards scam leaves NC town millions poorer - USA TODAY
  176. Dangerous days for the EU - Kathimerini
  177. Central Bank Details Losses at Bank of Cyprus - Wall Street Journal
  178. Regulators/slow to respond to ZeekRwards Ponzi scheme - Winston-Salem Journal
  179. Bank of Cyprus's Customers May Lose as Much as 60% on Deposits - Bloomberg
  180. China's urbanization drive leaves migrant workers out in the cold - Reuters
  181. Beijing Curbs Second Home Buying as China Cools Property Market - Bloomberg
  182. Exxon pipeline leaks thousands of barrels of Canadian oil in Arkansas - Reuters
  183. ExxonMobil cleans up after Arkansas oil spill - AFP
  184. UPDATE 1-IMF team to arrive in Egypt on Wednesday for loan talks - Reuters
  185. Cause Of Exxon Oil Spill In Arkansas Under Investigation - NPR (blog)
  186. UPDATE 1-IMF team to arrive in Egypt on Wednesday for loan talks - Reuters
  187. Cause Of Exxon Oil Spill In Arkansas Under Investigation - NPR (blog)
  188. Israel begins natural gas production - Financial Times
  189. Homes evacuated after ExxonMobil oil pipeline spill in Arkansas - CBS News
  190. Beijing, Shanghai announce detailed property curbs - Xinhua
  191. China echoes Labour in its bid to burst housing bubble - Telegraph.co.uk
  192. Israel Begins Pumping Natural Gas From Offshore Field - New York Times
  193. Minesweeper lifted from Philippine reef - CNN
  194. Bank of Cyprus Customers May Lose as Much as 60% on Deposits - Businessweek
  195. China Releases New Measures to Restrict Housing Sales - New York Times
  196. Entergy Says Arkansas Nuclear Plant Accident Killed One - Bloomberg
  197. China Manufacturing Rises at Faster Pace in March, Gauges Show - Bloomberg
  198. Euro stays near four-month low, yen unmoved by BOJ tankan - Reuters
  199. Accident at Arkansas nuclear plant kills 1, injures 3 - WireUpdate
  200. RPT-UPDATE 1-Three major Chinese cities to enforce new property cooling ... - Reuters
  201. Decoding Chinese PMI - Watch Key Thresholds - CNBC.com
  202. Japan business mood improves as market reacts to "Abenomics" - Fox Business
  203. Three major Chinese cities to enforce new property cooling measures - Reuters
  204. Top Court in India Rejects Novartis Drug Patent - New York Times
  205. Novartis India will continue to file for patents: executive - Reuters
  206. Futures flat as S&P 500 aims for all-time intraday high - Reuters
  207. Tesla expects its first-ever profit - CNN
  208. China PMI Logs 11-Month High, Misses Expectations - Fox Business
  209. US manufacturing growth slows in March - CNN
  210. ISM survey shows manufacturing sector expansion slows - Reuters
  211. Manufacturers Keep Expanding but at Slower Pace - Wall Street Journal
  212. Judge Allows Stockton, Calif., to Enter Bankruptcy - Wall Street Journal
  213. Ruling Sets Stage for Pension Battle in Bankrupt City - New York Times
  214. Global shares fall on unexpectedly weak US data; Brent gains - Reuters
  215. Manufacturing Cools in US as Government Cuts Loom: Economy - Bloomberg
  216. Major Indexes Decline as Growth in Manufacturing Slows - New York Times
  217. Chinese factories rise but US manufacturing slows - Reuters
  218. US Stocks Start the Second Quarter With a Drop - Wall Street Journal
  219. Australia Holds Key Rate at 3% as Prior Cuts Boost Spending - Bloomberg
  220. US Stocks Start the Second Quarter With a Drop - Wall Street Journal
  221. BFSforex: China's March PMI climbed 11 month high
  222. Euro Zone Factories Suffer, but No Cyprus Impact Yet: Survey - CNBC.com
  223. Stock index futures signal higher open - Reuters
  224. Dollar Declines With Metals as European Stocks Gain With Aussie - San Francisco Chron
  225. European manufacturing ebbs further in March - Reuters
  226. FOREX-Yen hits one-month high as factory data dents dollar - Reuters
  227. South African PMI Drops, Signaling Factory Contraction - Businessweek
  228. Euro-Area Unemployment Rises to Record 12% Amid Slump - Bloomberg
  229. Chrysler's March US Sales Rise 5% - Wall Street Journal
  230. European stocks climb after Easter break - AFP
  231. Aircraft Orders Cause Factory Orders to Climb 3% Higher - CNBC.com
  232. Fannie Mae Earns $17 Billion, It's Biggest Annual Profit Yet - CNBC.com
  233. Fannie Mae in the Black, Now What? - CNBC.com
  234. Big Profits at Fannie and Freddie Reignite Debate on Housing Supports - New York Time
  235. EU output slumps as job losses mount - The Guardian
  236. Stocks Hit New Highs - Wall Street Journal
  237. SEC Clears Social Media for Corporate Releases - New York Times
  238. Carl Icahn invests in voice recognition - Financial Times
  239. JC Penney Slashes Pay of Its Chief - New York Times
  240. UPDATE 5-Fannie Mae posts record $7.6 billion quarterly profit - Reuters
  241. Fannie Mae posts record annual profit of $17.2 billion - Los Angeles Times
  242. Fed hawk Lacker and dove Evans face off over inflation - Reuters India
  243. Asian shares fall on caution before US jobs data - Reuters
  244. Carl Icahn buys a stake in Mass. tech firm Nuance - Boston Globe
  245. Survey: Frugality reigns 5 years after crisis - USA TODAY
  246. BFSforex: Sanan Optoelectronics explosive scandals ‧ stock price tumbled more than 9%
  247. IMF to Contribute 1 Billion Euros to Cyprus Rescue - Bloomberg
  248. Asian Manufacturing Expands, Lifted by Regional Demand - Wall Street Journal
  249. Cyprus, IMF Reach Bailout Agreement - Wall Street Journal
  250. British manufacturing down in March - survey - RTE.ie