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Artificial Intelligence

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Position opens on Stop Loss (Stop Loss required) and without Take Profit. When a position reaches a profit value that exceeds Stop Loss value on the spread amount and if there is an opposite signal, then the position is reversed by opening a position of a larger volume. If opposite signal does not appear, Stop Loss is set on the same level as it had been on the open position (according to calculations a deal is profitable on spread value).

If suddenly is impossible to open a position which is reversed due to close value of Stop Loss, the position will be closed and there will be one more attempt to open position on the next tick.

Stop Loss is required because a position can be closed and its Stop Loss can be moved only if the position is profitable. There has to be a possibility to exit in case the position is unprofitable.

The results of work of the Expert Advisor with the default settings for the last year EURUSD M15 are displayed in the chart.

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