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FXA0 - RSI Crossing 50 plus ATR ver1.2.mq4

FXA0 - RSI Crossing 50 plus ATR ver1.2.mq4

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This is my first indicator :)

Here's how you use it. Just drop it on the chart, preferably a H1 or H4 chart, if you go up to a daily or down
below the H1 you will need to adjust the RSI and ATR values.

The indicator will give you blue arrows for long positions and red for short positions.


Here's what you will see.

1) Blue arrows for long (going up) Red arrows for short (going down)
2) Two horizontal lines for most current position (one line for the entry and one for the stop)
3) If you put in the order and the entry is executed look for a second blue or red arrow and add to that position when
the arrow occurs.
4) Close one lot at the green check box, close the next at the opposite colored arrow.

If you ever get a blue/red arrow opposite of your entry close all orders in that direction and look for orders in opposite direction.
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