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HarmonikManual new version

HarmonikManual new version

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Real author:

I have modified and combined the following materials:

  1. Harmonik_Ratios by "all traders";
  2. Support and Resistance Barry Stander;
  3. My own program.


By clicking the button feature is located on the right top of the chart, we can set the utility as follows:

  1. "SEARCH" will find all the possible patterns that will happen next.
  2. "NEXT" will move the point "D" on the pattern obtained, to know the name.
  3. "ON / OFF" to turn the indicator on or off.
  4. "COLOUR / NONE" to change the color of the harmonic pattern, which is colored or not.
  5. "XABC" to put the point XABC to the nearest highest or lowest point.
  6. "RESET" when an error occurs that is not yet defined, press this button.
  7. "AUTO" search the possibility next pattern automatically.
  8. To move the location of the menu, press the key "M" for a while. After the key "M" is released, click the mouse button on the desired area.

"AUTO", the feature "AUTO" will automatically create object property "TEXT" name "PERIOD" that show the PERIOD that will use to search the possibility of the next reversal pattern.

We can change the PERIOD to search, by changing the object property "TEXT" name "PERIOD" above.


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