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Hull Moving Average

Hull Moving Average

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You can use it in two main ways:

  • Using only one HMA: When the HMA change its slope, this is a good time to be ready for entry long or short depending of the direction of the slope change. Always look for a good setup, like candlestick pattern or breakout of support-resistance zone.
  • Using two HMAs: with the typical cross of averages, e.g. HMA(9) and HMA(25). Considering the same that is said above. Also you can use it like out signal when it changes its slope (when you use only one HMA or when you use two with the change in the slope of the fast HMA). Like all moving averages, it does not work well in range markets because it gives many false entries.

I have made the code so you can change the type of Moving Average used in the calculations (but this already would not be a real Hull Moving Average) and the applied price. I like to use the typical price to take into account what has happened in each candle.

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