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After a long time of absence :)

  • Bug correction and compilation.


  • Now SL / TP choose for each chart and not for all.
  • For the grid, now you can choose a different grid gap for each chart.
  • New option, have sound alert when the price is close to your TP or SL, you can choose the number of pips before ringing ** DON'T FORGET TO INPUT THE NEW SOUND FROM THE SOUNDS.ZIP ** its not activated by default.
  • Add more information, in your Buy/Sell line and the TP and SL.
  • And made some few correction.
  • Trendline have now label information like the support and resistance line.


  • Correction on master_info_ea.mq4 less bug, hopefully no more bugs :).
  • master_info_ea.mq4 better information when the order is rejected by the broker.
  • In the option panel you can choose between Classic Pivot Point or Fibonacci Pivot Point and now you can see the name of the Pivot line S1 S2...
  • In the option panel you have a button to make a backup of your Resistance/Support line.
  • In the option panel you can choose the default SL and TP.
  • The Grid function, the line where the price is have a different color.
  • Lot of correction of micro bugs.
  • Correction on chart with only 1 or 0 digit.


  • The Support and Resistance Lines are now automatically saved in a file ".../MQL4/files/supportresistance-EURUSD.csv". Each Symbol has its own file.
  • If you open a new chart and open a Symbol, if a file exists, you will have the Support and Resistance Lines automatically, you can give your file to others if you want.
  • A Backup Button is created for this line, it will create a file with the current date, so if you make a bad manipulation, you will not lose your precious lines!
  • Correction of a minor bug.
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