MCM Control Panel" for Multicurrency

MCM Control Panel" for Multicurrency

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In addition, sometimes it's necessary to perform the recalculation of the indicator's values only when the new bar had appeared. The other case if you need to disable trading "on the fly" on some symbol in multicurrency Expert Advisor, to change the timeframe of some symbol or something else.
The "something else" might be external data. The MCM (MultiCurrency Mode) Control Panel is based on this idea.

By the way, it also can be used in a single currency trading.

The "MCM Control panel" (contest version) features:

It has a minimum number of functions, needed to use the multicurrency mode in Expert Advisors and Indicators:

  • Add/Remove symbols for trading and analysis.
  • It allows to track the "new tick" and "new bar" events for any symbol and period.
  • All the settings can be changed "on the fly" without restart of Expert Advisor or Indicator.
  • The Panel can be used with our Expert Advisors and Indicators.
  • Also it can be included in your code, it will be loaded with them.
  • It's transparent. You don't need to add the code of MCM Control Panel to your Expert Advisors or Indicators.

Using the "MCM Control Panel" you can add your own features. See below for details.

The save/restore of Contol Panel settings isn't supported in this version.

Starting MCM Control Panel

The launch of the "MCM Control panel" can be done in several ways:

  • Attach the "iControl panel MCM" to the chart.
  • Launch the "scControl panel MCM" script. The script loads the "iControl panel MCM" indicator.
  • Load Panel from your Expert Advisor or Indicator. See "exControl panel MCM" for details.

In the 3rd case the Panel will be loaded with our Expert Advisor or Indicator and attached to the chart.

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