Value Chart Deluxe Edition

Value Chart Deluxe Edition

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Additional features:

  1. Adjustable Value Chart Bar and Wick Color, Bar and Wick Width, Adjustable overbought and oversold area and color, Built in Alert and alert levels.
  2. You WONT find anything else like this and best of all I'm giving it away.
  3. This indicator works on any standard timeframe.
  4. This indicator is not designed to be traded alone in fact it works great as an addition to an existing strategy. For example using the Value chart with the Zero Lag Stochastic set to 5,3,3. If you don't have Zero Lag Stochastic you can use a standard stochastic set to 3,3,5. when the Stochastic crosses above the 80 level and the Value chart is between 8 and 10 consider a sell or if the stochastic is crossing below 20 and headed up and the Value Chart is between -8 and -10 then consider a buy. I trade 60s Binary options with this strategy and it works great.

Input parameters:

  • extern int NumBars=5;
  • extern color Bullish_Color=LimeGreen;
  • extern color Bearish_Color=Red;
  • extern color Actual_Color=Yellow;

  • extern string Note0="**** VC Bar Width ****";
  • extern int Wick=2; * The width of the VC Candle Wick
  • extern int Body=6; * The width of the VC Candle Body

  • extern string Note1="**** OB/OS Levels ****";
  • extern int OBHigh_Upper=12; * Top of the OverBought Area
  • extern int OBHigh_Lower=8; * Bottom of the OverBought Area
  • extern int OSLow_Upper=-8; * Top of the OverSold Area
  • extern int OSLow_Lower=-12; * Bottom of the OverSold Area

  • extern string Note2="**** OB/OS Level Colors ****";
  • extern color OBHigh_Color=C'255,164,177'; * OverBought Area Color
  • extern color Normal_Color=C'5,116,5'; * Normal Area Color
  • extern color OSLow_Color=C'255,164,177'; * OverSold Area Color

  • extern string Note3="**** Alert Settings ****";
  • extern bool useAlerts=false;
  • extern int NumLevels=4;
  • extern int level1=10;
  • extern int level2=-10;
  • extern int level3=11;
  • extern int level4=-11;
  • extern int level5=10;
  • extern int level6=-10;

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