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Visual Start

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A code/method to test redrawing indicators by the examples of FxmFish, ZigZag, NonLagZigZag, AFIRMA, TREND_alexcud

- You may want to study the behavior of these indicators using this proposed method.

There is a number of indicators that are redrawn in the chart at each oncoming new bar.

Accordingly, some difficulties occur in visual estimating of the indicator properties in terms of their dynamics.

The proposed code allows you to assign the last bar (right) to the indicator by moving the graphical object. It is most convenient to do it using a vertical line.

General Instructions:

Insert the code into the indicator source code. Find the calculation cycle and replace "0" in it with the variable “start”.

Don't replace the value, if there is an array zeroizing cycle in the indicator.

Place a vertical line in the chart and name it as “start”.

Move the line manually waiting for the recalculation of the indicator.

Movement from past to future is optimal, because not all indicators "sweep" right bars.

So we will first place a vertical line named "start", then indicators.

The indicator is recalculated, in two cases:

- automatically, when a new tick comes; or

- if there is no (not expected) a trade tick, manually, by changing any of the indicator properties; to do so, you should open its Properties window every time and change any color, since it is more convenient to change colors, not digits.

It is not quite comfortable to work by the above instructions.

If we have a group of several indicators in our chart, we will have to change the properties of each indicator when no ticks come.

However, when developing this method, a paradoxial recalculation of all indicator was shown, only in case if there is an indicator without line calculations in a separate window that calls to function IndicatorDigits(MarketInfo(Symbol(),MODE_DIGITS)). <build 211 MT 4 >

It is a paradoxial fact that, when you change the properties of such an "empty" indicator, all other indicators are forcibly recalculated in all windows.

Accidentally,TREND_alexcud became that initiating indicator.

An extra initiating indicator Visual_start_All was written.

Instructions for simultaneous testing of a group of indicators:

To recalculate all indicators, change the properties of TREND_alexcud or Visual_start_All.

Uploaded the files modified for Visual_start, they are also shown in the Figure below:

1. FxmFish

2. NonLagZigZag - yellow

3. standard ZigZag - a red line

4. AFIRMA - two-color, blue and red

5. TREND_alexcud

Alexander Pak, Almaty

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