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Can anyone recommend a new volatile crypto to invest in?

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  • Can anyone recommend a new volatile crypto to invest in?

    Volatility is good if you are in the business of trading, so I am just seeing if anyone has spotted a really volatile one that is worth a few trades. Zcash was pretty mad over the Christmas period and I made a fair bit. Its levelled out now, so I am looking for a new one to hopefully replicate the process with. I use a webtrader on Olsson Capital, but happy to switch provider if its a really obscure cryptocurrency they don't offer!

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    Hi David, bitcoin and etherium are still the best volatility crypto for now.


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      In my opinion bitcoin is the most volatile currency as when hotforex started accepting bitcoin as payment deposit i deposited half bitcoin which worths 15000 usd and now it is around 6500 within only six months and one day price range varies between 1000 usd means highly volatile.