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  • (Discuss) Explore and keep yourself updated!

    Dear Forum Members,

    I am glad to be here on such valuable platform for Forex Trading! I am here to explore my knowledge and also keep my self updated about the industry Simultaneously I would like to know all your reviews and thoughts on top 10 brokers leading the market now a days!

    Awaiting on your top suggestions and reviews..!

    Joining Hands!

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    I will never suggest any broker to anyone because what I prefer it does not mean that you are also going to like. There is broker section in a forum you can check there for more broker information.
    You should choose broker according to your knowledge and skills.


    • #3
      I guess we better should do a little research and shortlist few decent brokers like hotforex, octafx, fxprimus, lmfx etc and then start trading demo account of each shortlisted broker one by one. Sooner we will be able to compare them and can easily finalized the right one which offers the best services.


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        It is enough to choose the ten oldest forex brokers, and get the very list of the best.


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          Shortlisting few decent brokers, trading the demo accounts, checking their reviews on sites like forex peace army and finalizing the right one among those shortlisted brokers. One last thing before going live is to test them by depositing small amount to confirm if they withdraw the profits or not. I think we all have to go through these necessary steps before finalizing any right broker.


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            you can check the forex broker rating in some forex rating website and awards.


            • #7
              Nowadays trusting on ratings is not easy, anyone is creating this kind of rating to get more clients with his company.