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AMEGA - amegafx.com

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  • AMEGA - amegafx.com

    With over 10 years of experience on global financial markets, you are safe with us!

    Why trade with AMEGA:
    - Instant execution of orders of fixed or market prices;
    - Over 100 payment systems;
    - Choose your account currency. No deposit fees. Transfer money between accounts;
    - More than 50 currency pairs;
    - Tradable bonuses. 100% registration bonus on your 1st deposit. +50% bonus for the next ones;
    - AMEGA doesn't charge any commission for deposits;
    - Free cutting-edge trading platform;
    - AMEGA offers one of the best affiliate programs on the forex market.

    Trading conditions:
    - Trade is available from $1;
    - Tight spreads from 0.5 pips
    - Flexible settings of trading conditions. Leverage from 1:10 to 1: 1,000;
    - Currency pairs are quoted with an accuracy of 5 decimal pricing;
    - Instant Execution or Market Execution depending on trading account type;
    - MetaTrader 5 AMEGA can be downloaded from trading platform page or My account;
    - All currency pairs and their crosses, metals, futures are available to trade depending on the account type you use.

    AMEGA Contacts:
    Official site: amegafx.com
    Customer Support Team: support@amegafx.com
    Affiliate program: partner@amegafx.com
    Cooperation: info@amegafx.com

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    100% Deposit Bonus for new customers!

    We are offering a first deposit bonus for new customers. Get this special offer and double your trading profits!

    And that’s not all! Once the required number of trades have been closed, your bonus can be withdrawn.

    Hurry up! Promo is valid only for a 10 days from the date of registration in My account.

    Minimum deposit is 100 USD (or equivalent in another currency) to get 100% bonus.
    Maximum deposit is $1,000 (or equivalent in another currency).

    Sign up and get bonus

    Terms and conditions


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      Commission - free* deposits and withdrawals !

      - Instant account funding
      - Over 200 payment systems
      - Wide range of currencies for accounting
      - Transfer of funds between trading accounts

      No fees charged for deposits/withdrawals
      Fund your account or withdraw money for free. AMEGA does not charge commission for these transactions. Transferring funds between trading accounts is also instant and free of charge

      Deposit and withdrawal methods & payment systems
      AMEGA offers over 200 payment systems that are used worldwide! All transactions are processed quickly and covered by the highest degree of protection. Choose any deposit or withdrawal methods convenient for you!

      *The term "Commission-free" means that AMEGA does not charge commission for deposits, withdrawals or conversions (market average conversion rates are applied). However, payment systems may charge fees according to their rates.

      Wishing you successful trading!
      Yours Faithfully,
      Forex Broker AMEGA


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        AMEGA RS is a first-tier affiliate program by AMEGA. You do not
        need any special knowledge of financial markets to enroll. Would you like to make money without any
        investment? Just promote AMEGA online and attract potential customers through social media, forums, blogs
        and other online resources.

        You will receive up to $16 to your affiliate account from every trade by the customers you bring to the website.
        Commission will be awarded automatically in real time, regardless of whether the trade is profitable.

        See how commission is calculated

        Wishing you successful trading!
        Yours Faithfully,
        Forex Broker AMEGA


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          Dear users and guests of the forum!

          For convenience and to save time, in the framework of informational support for current and potential clients,
          the brokerage company AMEGA has prepared for You the sample questions and answers.

          FAQ is well distributed over such headings:
          • Personal account;
          • Verification;
          • Trading conditions;
          • Input / Output means;
          • Payment system;
          • Trading platform;
          • Promo action;
          • Affiliate program.

          In the case where you could not find company information, the customer service department of Amega will respond quickly.



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            Website redesign

            AMEGA Forex Broker is constantly evolving!
            Every day we are improving the services that our company provides. We continually enhance trading conditions, introduce new features and do everything in our power to provide the most convenient Forex trading experience to our customers – that’s what AMEGA Broker is all about!

            Meet AMEGA’s new design!
            Great visuals in our signature colors, improved website navigation, detailed section descriptions, even more information about all the services provided by our company – the AMEGA website is now even better looking and easier to use!

            Check out AMEGA’s new design and functionality