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Announcement - file sharing

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  • Announcement - file sharing

    Please take notice that we now would like all members to use the file sharing site...

    Upload Files - Invest Download

    ...for uploading / sharing files here instead of sendspace.com or any other file sharing site.

    The reason is simple: All files uploaded there will be stored as long as we want them to, and will not be deleted after some time. And this is and have also been the problem - members who want to download files from previous posts are unable to do so, because the links are no longer working.

    At Upload Files - Invest Download there's no annoying timers, captchas or ads either.

    But please, remember, that uploaded files should somehow relate to the content of this site. If you upload private stuff that is not related to this site, and/or is not intended to be shared among members here, then such files can and will also be removed without prior notice.
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