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"Educating" mql4 source code

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  • "Educating" mql4 source code

    The word "educate" can easily be misunderstood, but when it comes to programming it simply means that the program has been improved in some way. It can be anything from fixing so called "bugs" (errors in the code), to overrule restrictions, or to adding extra features.

    If you intend to "educate" any EA or indicator and share it here, then please follow the instructions below:

    1) Never, ever delete or remove any Copyright or other information that shows who made and owns the EA or indicator.

    2) Change the name of the mq4-file to the original name and add -edu or -EDU at the end. For instance, if the name of the mq4-file is "Sample EA.mq4" then change it to "Sample EA-edu.mq4". By doing so, the original mq4-file is intact and it can easily be seen that this mq4-file has been "educated".

    3) Try not to delete any of the programming code, unless it's code that never is used, redundant code or otherwise doesn't need to be there. Instead, use the comments...
    // to comment out a line
    /* or like this to comment out a section of code */

    4) At the top, add date, your name and www.worldwise-invest.org, and a short description of what kind of changes you have made.

    5) If you compile the mq4-code to ex4, then also be sure to share the mq4 source code.
    For development of EA's, "educating" of existing EA's including removal of restrictions, adding features,
    decompilation, or teaching of trading or EA programming, contact me via PM.
    Note: I no longer offer this service for free, but accept payment via PayPal or Skrill. Serious request only.
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    capellafx.emgoldex.com and then get back to me!

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