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  • fx DEcoder

    hi, all

    just a warning from me. i bought resitenly a "course/product" called fx decoder

    beside the $3,997 for the package, you need to jion the decoder forex club aswell for $197 a month. so you just got a bunch of eas then if you want to learn how to use it well you have to jion the club aswell.

    the introducing webinar is misleading of what you really get for the 3,997.
    for this price you would expect more,then just the eas.

    so it is really disapointing evendo the volume divergence trading system they use ,is something to study futher but not with them.

    looking at there website,support service..etc , it seems they are more into selling and not teaching.

    bad investment.. they also are pushing a software product called Momentics.. spend your money somewhere else.

    does anyone know if there is something i can put a complaint in of this company.


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    I know u need to be careful now a days.


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      yeah...be carefull in the future....


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        I prefer to download ton of forex ebook from good forex masters..