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1 pip per trade ea

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  • (Help) 1 pip per trade ea


    I need some help form a coder that can help me with taking entry's on the 15 min chart for 1 pip per trade

    the system :

    i use 13 ema , when the candle closes above the 13 ema then we get a down candle come that stays above the 13 ema this is a vaild signal to go long 0.1 pips above the close of the up candle that closes the 13 ema , as long as the down candle is 1 pip below the close of the up candle then a breakout entry is valid

    so as long as we had a close above the 13 ema followed immediately by a down candle that closes 1 pip below the close of the up candle we can go long 0.1 pips above the close of the up candle for 1 pip , if the down candle was to close past the 13 ema then the pending buy is no longer valid

    same for sell , a candle that closes down past the 13 ema follwed by an up candle that closes at least 1 pips above the close of the down candle short 0.1 pips below the close of the down candle , if the up candle closes 13 ema then close pending short

    i hope this is clear eough for you , also if you are in an up trend and dont get the break of the candle past the pending order and then you get a lower close candle folowed by a down candle then the new pending is placed and old pending is deleted always buy the lowest break order , i hope this can be coded

    stop loss is 3 pips and take profit is 1 pip ,

    once 3 trades are in profit stop trading

    and if 2 stops are hit for that session stop trading also

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    James, Go to Mq4 Community and have someone Code it for you..Probably no more than 30-50.00. It is Nice to see Yours doing "well" I am also an African American..(But who cares..) I Love You..I am Hindu now..All my Sincere Love, jimmy There is No Color Except for Green Dead Presidents Here..