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Mt5 forex ea

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  • (Share) Mt5 forex ea

    I have seen this EA working on a live account
    Its an scalping EA

    The method is scalping, so normally the EA will open one order with the short-term trade and close the order before opening a new one.


    Live trades:

    Broker:FX Giants
    Server/IP: FXGiantsUK-Real8/

    Someone have test this EA or like to share this EA

    2K for an EA is to much money just to see if it works or not..
    and we need a fast broker aswell...

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    average trade length 43 seconds


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      Originally posted by sunny7day View Post
      average trade length 43 seconds
      yeah its still fast though some trades just take as short as 5sec. or less

      But the profit is really big...
      So some how it has great results


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        looks like arbitrage trading


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          Originally posted by tommo78 View Post
          looks like arbitrage trading
          yes!!! arbitrage ea


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            You will need high leverage, you will need less than 1$ commission without spread and less than 1pip spread without commission. No broker would give you that except the guy selling the robot. Practice with his login to see exactly how the trades exist. You don't necessarily need a fast broker.


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              Well I have asked him if this is an ARB EA
              But he said no.

              Its a scalper...

              however I also believe its an arb EA

              If some have this EA please do share


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                REQUIREMENTS :
                • Low Spreads (1.0-2.0 pips)
                • Slow Platform
                • Instant Execution
                • Few re-quotes

                This above is listed on the website

                Instant Execution, No STP/ECN or legit brokers use this method anymore, it's for market makers executing in there internals pools of clients money.
                Re-quotes are known with shit brokers using this instant execution model.
                slow platform, just this mentioned means it needs to scan feeds meaning it's an ARB system.
                if it's a real scalper then why mention any of the above except pip requirments.


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                  Originally posted by tommo78 View Post

                  if it's a real scalper then why mention any of the above except pip requirments.
                  I agree.

                  So there is no way we can use this EA without getting banned


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                    Scam EA !
                    One of my friend buy and useless it. They scammed $ 2500 from my friend. Their Trading account are Fake account. Dont Trust them. If they can make huge money then why they sell ? Pure Scam ! Their EA is also Latency Arbitrage and not a Scalper. No broker allow it in real live trading. In demo you will won all the trades but in real trading, you will facing high slippage and slow excution then lost, even you won huge money, Broker will denied your profit money by Arbitrage reasons. Beware.