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Okay. We have determined that a member may post a myfxbook.com link if it is to provide information about a specific indicator, system or ea. Provided that the name and ownership is valid. However, Any member requesting the share of this www.myfxbook.xxx and they merely have seen it on the myfxbook site. The post will be deleted no discussion. So, Sorry for the delay but we had to make a final decision and we needed to explore all avenues.
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  • Nadex Trading

    Guys, I gave it a go again with Nadex as of last week. Entered the weekly Straddle and Binaries on Sunday evening signal for 3pm expiry on Friday. As you know, what's great about Nadex is that you can take out your profits ANYTIME you're in the money. Nicely cashed out at my leisure on Tuesday night and was fun. Any of you guys use strategies that you like best with Nadex as that's all we have to choose from in the USA that's legit? I'm doing well with either the PZ Trading (their paid version that I've owned for a while called Trend Trader but too freaking expensive) and the much more affordable indicator with BinaryOptionsBrain.com. For either indicator I look at the weekly chart arrows "entry points" at 6pm on Sunday and ride it from there. Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone out there is trading Nadex and how they are doing with it and what strategies they are using. Take care boys and have a good week.

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    Guys, this is exactly what I was mentioning above before markets opened. I took the signal this time from the practically free indicator I own BinaryOptionsBrain at 6pm, the weekly this time on AudJPY and can take the profit out any time I like. The PZ Indicator is just not being active enough for me. Anyway, message me if you want more details on how to set up this strategy. Very optimistic but also a lot of fun. .