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Okay. We have determined that a member may post a myfxbook.com link if it is to provide information about a specific indicator, system or ea. Provided that the name and ownership is valid. However, Any member requesting the share of this www.myfxbook.xxx and they merely have seen it on the myfxbook site. The post will be deleted no discussion. So, Sorry for the delay but we had to make a final decision and we needed to explore all avenues.
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A hedge arbitrage ea, you can see it!

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  • (Share) A hedge arbitrage ea, you can see it!

    Hedging system, different platform effect is different!Test!!!!
    • Need English version and I contact!
    • my skype :ylspaylgg@gmail.com
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    thanks for your share can your share english version



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      hii please send english verison bettter for us and pdf how to used


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        Hello everyone,

        Thanks for the EA but this type of EA needs Good Brokers because Brokers doesn't allow it & sometime ago I also bought an Arbitrage EA somewhere online and in that folder I found User Guide file in which I got list of Many Tested FX Brokers from EA Owner. So, I am sharing that PDF file here to help You all for Your Arbitrage EA. It may help You all. Find it in attachment.

        If You still have good EA like this then Please test these Brokers on that EA and Inform here in Forum with Your Result, So everyone could use it. Share Your good EA's If You all have like Arbitrage with Feed. Test on Your own Risk. Happy Trading to all. Thanks...
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          Do you see my message now?