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Win2pips iv

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  • (Share) Win2pips iv

    This is Multi-Currency grid-martingale EA.
    You have to attach this EA to one chart only! (i.e. EURUSD M15)
    It will work with ALL currency pairs.

    Timeframe: M15

    Minimum Deposit: $5000

    2018.07.31 version 4.10 (removed license key)
    2018.04.02 version 4.02 (fixed a bug)
    2017.12.28 version 4.01 (removed auto GMT offset, added licensekey)
    2017.08.24 final version 3.93 (added wave filter, removed licensekey)
    2017.05.19 final version 3.92 (added pattern filter)
    2017.03.14 final version 3.91 (changed lot size setting)
    2017.03.13 final version 3.9 (fixed a major bug, move up AutoLot,SpreadFilter...)
    2017.03.12 final version 3.8 (added a function to block 1 pair 1 direction)
    2017.03.10 final version 3.7 (fixed zero color)
    2017.03.02 updated to version 3.7 (changed lot calculate)
    2017.02.25 updated to version 3.6 (fixed a bug)
    2017.02.22 updated to version 3.5 (fixed a bug)
    2017.02.22 updated to version 3.4 (fixed 2 bugs)
    2017.02.20 updated to version 3.3 (grid-martingale ea) start from post 261
    2016.12.02 updated to version 3.0
    2016.09.28 updated to version 2.6 (changed filter mode)
    2016.09.24 updated to version 2.5 (fixed a small bug)
    2016.09.23 updated to version 2.4 (changed AutoLot to Risk)
    2016.09.20 updated to version 2.3 (fixed a bug)
    2016.09.11 updated to version 2.2 (enabled backtesting)
    2016.09.09 updated to version 2.1 (added warming time)
    2016.09.05 updated to version 2.0 (new strategy)
    2016.09.28 updated to version 1.8 (changed filter mode)
    2016.07.20 updated to version 1.7 (remove spreadfilter)
    2016.06.10 updated to version 1.6 (final version)
    2016.06.06 updated to version 1.4 (changed input parameters)
    2016.05.23 updated to version 1.3 (changed: licensekey)
    2016.05.10 updated to version 1.2 (changed: stop trading)
    2016.05.09 updated to version 1.1 (fixed a bug: show profits)

    Make sure the panel background color is BLUE color,
    if the background color is RED, it mean some functions not work, or had stop trading.

    What is the function "Block"?
    this is to block the order sending function when there are no opened order only.

    How to close all of one pair of one position?
    remove the symbol name from "Long" or "Short"

    How to block one pair one position?
    add (*) in front of the symbol name on "Long" or "Short".
    example: *USDJPY,*EURJPY

    How to setting Max Spread?
    first, turn "SpreadFilter" to true,
    then setting max spread into "Long" or "Short"
    example: EURUSD 0.0003,USDJPY 0.04 (Separate by space)

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  • #2
    no backtest ? any forward test result?


    • #3
      i tested
      not seem good


      • #4
        I Tested
        Its semm good


        • #5
          Which settings?


          • #6
            Loaded fine on demo but on live shows "loading EurGpb D1" and stays there.


            • #7
              Any review for this ea?


              • #8
                Updated to version 1.1
                please download from post #1


                • #9
                  I have the same problem: Loading AUDCAD D1 and... nothing more..


                  • #10
                    I have same problem too, but wait a little while the EA working fine, maybe it loading the data from server...


                    • #11
                      i will try to test this ea.
                      report result later


                      • #12
                        Please add comment for this EA


                        • #13
                          How to double your account in one month

                          How to double your account in one month (high risk setting)

                          Broker leverage: 1000:1
                          Starting balance: $1000
                          RiskLot = 0.1
                          CloseAtProfit = 20
                          CloseAtLoss = 0
                          MaxOrder = 0 (unlimited)
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                            Originally posted by bp2000 View Post
                            How to double your account in one month (high risk setting)

                            Broker leverage: 1000:1
                            Starting balance: $1000
                            RiskLot = 0.1
                            CloseAtProfit = 20
                            CloseAtLoss = 0
                            MaxOrder = 0 (unlimited)
                            have u tried?


                            • #15
                              Originally posted by energetic View Post
                              have u tried?

                              $460 to become $880 then deposit $300000, now $343869 (period 2016.05.05 to 2016.05.13) in my real cent account.