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(ask) Multiple instances of MT4, same broker

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  • (ask) Multiple instances of MT4, same broker

    Hello, I can not find this topic in the archive. I remember having read about it several years ago.
    Someone explained how to open multiple MT4 instances (or 2 instances) of one broker.
    I need to run a real and a demo account on the same broker.
    Can anybody help, please?
    Thanks in advance.

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    It's alright, I found it over the internet.


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      it is so simple, I have used two demo accounts of same broker at the same time.

      1: suppose, you have a broker "Tickmill" in drive C, leave it for your real or live account, leave it as it is.
      2: Now copy the complete terminal from C---Program files---- copy complete "Tickmill" folder.
      3: Paste this already copied "Tickmill" folder to drive D anywhere then open on terminal.exe file, you will see your copied terminal in D will ask for username/login and password, now you know that how to open an demo account. make a new demo account.

      Now you see that, you are using real or live account from C and demo account from D.
      I have practically checked it and it works fine. happy trading.