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Bollinger bands jackpot

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  • (Share) Bollinger bands jackpot

    Hi guys i just purchased this simple system to trade the S&P but the same principles apply to fx.

    shall be uploading the videos in next post

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    indi and tpl.



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      video tutorials

      module 1-3.zip - Invest Download

      module-2.pdf - Invest Download

      more being uploaded ...

      new link

      Bollinger Band Jackpot - Module 2.mp4.zip - Invest Download

      more videos to come

      here is video module 4 and 5

      Zippyshare.com - Bollinger Band Jackpot - Module 4.mp4

      Zippyshare.com - Bollinger Band Jackpot - Module 5.mp4

      there are additional videos explaining advance tactics.. i shall upload after some time.
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        Thank you pigpo.
        You are the man


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          Thank you Pigpo


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            Youu are The Best


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              Hi Pigpo

              How you find this course? I find it very confusing & unclear exactly how to trade.
              May I m wrong... what do u think?


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                The videos was very GOOD.
                Please upload the remaining part of the course.


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                  Dear friends,

                  I cannot download module 1-3 and the pdf from Investdownload. After registration with investdownload, activation link is not comming to my email ID. Please help.


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                    well to start with you do not even have to register to download. Merely click download now. so, you must not really understand what you are looking at. just follow the link and click the grey download free now and it will download.


                    Originally posted by wahidkhan786 View Post
                    Dear friends,

                    I cannot download module 1-3 and the pdf from Investdownload. After registration with investdownload, activation link is not comming to my email ID. Please help.
                    Editor and Chief


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                      Thanks a Lot Peachy. Actually I tried that before, but there where no files shown to be download. Now after clicking I waited for few seconds and now everything is clear.



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                        i will test next week. seems to be complicated system
                        Ty for upload


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                          Originally posted by tits View Post
                          i will test next week. seems to be complicated system
                          Ty for upload
                          I can not download from Zippyshare.com for 4 &5.
                          What need to do ?


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                            Can't download any other link please


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                              Bollinger Band Jackpot - téléchargement gratuit 4shared.com - 1
                              Personality and Trading Systems:
                              The idea that using a methodology that suits your personality is an essential component of trading success also helps explain why most people lose money using trading systems they bought. Why is that true? Is it because most trading systems don’t work on data not used in their development? I am not implying that.Actually, I have no idea what percentage of trading systems sold to the public provide a market edge. But even if I assumed that more than 50 percent of the systems sold would be profitable if applied as instructed, I would still expect over 90 percent of the buyers of those systems to lose money trading them.
                              Why? Because every trading system, regardless of the strategy employed, is going to hit periods when it does poorly. Now, if you buy a system, by definition, it has nothing to do with your personality or beliefs.In many, if not most, cases, you won’t even have any idea what drives the system’s signals. Consequently,the first time the system hits a bad period, you are not going to have the confidence to stay with the system,and you will stop trading it. That is why, invariably, most people who buy systems will end up losing:
                              They will stop using the system when it goes through a bad period, and they won’t be there when the system recovers.

                              Lessons from the Greatest Traders
                              Book by Jack D. Schwager


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                                Do anybody havemodule 4-5 ? Thanks in advance.


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                                  All invest downloads I get this message: ERROR
                                  You have reached the maximum concurrent downloads. Please wait for your existing downloads to complete or register for a premium account above.

                                  Can some kind soul upload all the above videos to a link that works?
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                                    Thanks pigpo.
                                    can pigpo or anybody else put module 4 and module5 (zippyshare linked stuff) in sendspace please!
                                    thanks in advance
                                    what does bollinger band jackpot course contain?

                                    here is summary.

                                    My name is Mark Deaton, and I’ve been a professional trader for almost 15 years. I’ve placed millions of dollars in trades, and spent thousands of hours staring at charts. I’m fortunate enough to make a full time living from the markets.
                                    A living that affords a very comfortable lifestyle for myself and my family, and more importantly the freedom to go and do anything we want as a family, anytime we decide to go do it!
                                    Your Investment Gets You…

                                    Quick Start Modules

                                    Module 1 – Setting up your charts, how to read Bollinger Bands like a pro. How to use the system intuitively, removing confusion!
                                    Module 2 – Reversals vs. Continuations, how they setup and how to confirm the highest priority in either direction.
                                    Module 3 – Your setups, and technical combinations! Exactly what you should be looking for and how to execute the trade setup from start to finish.
                                    Module 4 – How to search and scan for the most lucrative opportunities!
                                    Module 5 – Repetition is the mother of learning. In this module I do a complete recap of your introductory modules.

                                    Advanced Tactics
                                    Module 1 – Market timing with Bollinger Bands, how to time your participation in any market with laser precision.
                                    Module 2 – More on reversals and continuations and how to capture these explosive moves!
                                    Module 3 – The art and craft of using multiple time frames to slash risk even further.
                                    Module 4 – Discover my exclusive market pressure points system for nailing the ebb and flow of any instrument. With this simple system applied to Bollinger Bands you will look like a super hero analyst who is almost never wrong about direction!
                                    Module 5 – Discover the magic of swing structure and how it paints a path to the next expected move, then triple confirm your analysis with what you learned in your introductory modules!

                                    Webinar & Support
                                    Live Recorded Webinar – Live case studies, examples, and commentary across asset classes and instruments. We’ll cover Forex, Stocks and Futures with this amazingly powerful yet simple system!
                                    Help Desk – We won’t leave you hanging. No question is to insignificant. You will get a support email address to use for all your questions, and even help with your trading.

                                    Bollinger bands do not show trend direction.
                                    they show volatility of price.
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                                      would be great if someone could repost videos in easy to download link....


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                                        could someone upload module 4-5 videos to 4shared.com or pm me ? Thanks a lot in advance!!!