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Bollinger bands jackpot

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    Some problem with rar file iit says archive is in unknown format or damaged. Any clues


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      manages to extract using 7zio. Thanks a ton


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        Thank you so much "Hutler".....Regards "VF".


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          Originally posted by Hutler View Post
          Thanks Hutler for the upload.

          Are we getting the entire course as it has 5 modules. The website mentions 10 modules. Thanks for the upload nevertheless.

          Below is the list of modules from the website.

          Quick Start Modules

          Module 1 – Setting up your charts, how to read Bollinger Bands like a pro. How to use the system intuitively, removing confusion!

          Module 2 – Reversals vs. Continuations, how they setup and how to confirm the highest priority in either direction.

          Module 3 – Your setups, and technical combinations! Exactly what you should be looking for and how to execute the trade setup from start to finish.

          Module 4 – How to search and scan for the most lucrative opportunities!

          Module 5 – Repetition is the mother of learning. In this module I do a complete recap of your introductory modules. Advanced Tactics

          Module 1 – Market timing with Bollinger Bands, how to time your participation in any market with laser precision.

          Module 2 – More on reversals and continuations and how to capture these explosive moves!

          Module 3 – The art and craft of using multiple time frames to slash risk even further.

          Module 4 – Discover my exclusive market pressure points system for nailing the ebb and flow of any instrument. With this simple system applied to Bollinger Bands you will look like a super hero analyst who is almost never wrong about direction!

          Module 5 – Discover the magic of swing structure and how it paints a path to the next expected move, then triple confirm your analysis with what you learned in your introductory modules!


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            Hi all, any one applied in real market how the course is really worthy please share ur experiences ..thanks in advance


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              Can some one please reupload Module 4,5 and 6


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                All the links have expired.


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                  Can some one please re upload Module 4,5 and 6
                  Thanks in Advance


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                    can anybody share full course please..