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Financial Astrology Books

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  • (Req) Financial Astrology Books

    Dear All,

    I need help with the following books on stock market astrology. Could you please share the link or the attachment ?

    1. Nadi Astrology in stock market by R G Rao
    2. Introduction to KP system by Krishnamurty Paddhati
    3. Predicting nifty and Sensex by Indrodeep Banerjee
    4. Mercury Money and the Markets by TIM BOST
    5. The bull the bear and the planets trading the financial market using Astrology
    6. The dynamics of horoscope astro stock trading by Raghuveer Sahore


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    Can you please tell me where the book Nadi Astrology in stock market by R G Rao is available as I could not find t his book on internet.




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      Check this article:

      Nadi Astrology - Part 5

      The Rao book is called: "Bhrugu Nandi Nadi"

      Buy Bhrigu Nandi Nadi book : Rg Rao, 8188230618, 9788188230617 - SapnaOnline.com India


      I doubt that Nadi Astrology can help to solve Financial/Trading problems. Prove it if you have a solution based on this stuff.
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        In ancient times, astrology is used for spiritual reasons, to predict auspicious times for man to hold certain events in order to obtain help from the gods.
        I do not deny the existence of the efficacy of their use, but, I doubt astrology works in financial systems according to these ancient principles.
        It will work for financial systems provided that we gain deeper understanding and 100% revamp to the core calculation principles.
        Look back those dates where stock tops, how many of these happen on "auspicious" dates.
        Start with the peak on 3 Sep 1929, check the nakshatra, you will get what i mean


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          Financial Astrology Books

          from the Telegraph...

          Financial astrology: can the stars affect stocks?

          Financial astrologers believe the position of the planets can make a share price plummet. Why do many traders trust them?


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            It works, which we can't see in market , That can be seen based on astrology. Its very difficult science.
            In simple words History repeat itself,
            Work with few rules of astrology , u get success
            Best wishes


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              provide some charts to prove your hypothesis by using the Hindu astrology !
              Use the EURUSD to show the outlook for the next week as "jnevins" is is doing now since years:

              Planetary Cycles Trading (EUR/USD) - Page 430 @ Forex Factory



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                Originally posted by kunalji_jain View Post
                It works, which we can't see in market , That can be seen based on astrology. Its very difficult science.
                In simple words History repeat itself,
                Work with few rules of astrology , u get success
                Best wishes
                those softwares that generate forecast lines are almost same method approach as Fourier Transform ie. identify cycles waves (in this case: planetary movements as sinusoid) which best fits the R-square, then, reconstruct them into summation of waves. The same approach used by Daniel Ferrera in generating long term forecasts except that he did not use planetary cycles, but those cyclical periods that best fits at the moment in the past and reconstruct them..
                well, it is up to the user to believe if such cycles exist, but relating these "planetary cycles" with the "scientifically derived Fourier time periods" is a questionable approach. My opinion is that, these inconsistent length of time periods will pass away and they are dynamic in nature, which still astrology could not explain why at times certain planets work, at another times certain pairs of planets doesn't work.
                My advice is that if you believe in the existence of such repetitive cycles, go for dynamic fourier transform approach, you will get more direct, accurate and refined forecast than astrology-fitted cycles. I am not against astrology, just stating that there are better logically and systematically derived alternatives out there.


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                  Dear Sixer
                  Thx for sharing lots of books.
                  I just track few indian stocks, but based on my study. some methods of astology can be used.
                  like planetary returns, solar returns and mundane astrology ect.
                  considering stock specific I say" SUZLON" good year for first trade chart and next year for incorporation chart.
                  Company come out from losses, in single line Jupiter return and it give expansion, financial stability to company.
                  due to saturn aspect actual prices of stock is not much increase, but fundamental changing...
                  details i can share on email...


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                    i don`t follow indian stocks.

                    My main information about the Nifty index comes from the EW studies of Deepak Kumar:


                    The EW Education part is one of the best i found.



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                      do financial astrology actually work with vedic ? or in other words, gann himself apparently used tropical. :S