MyFxBook Final Forum Ruling

Okay. We have determined that a member may post a myfxbook.com link if it is to provide information about a specific indicator, system or ea. Provided that the name and ownership is valid. However, Any member requesting the share of this www.myfxbook.xxx and they merely have seen it on the myfxbook site. The post will be deleted no discussion. So, Sorry for the delay but we had to make a final decision and we needed to explore all avenues.
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ALL Mod's This is a Adminstrative Communication. Please Review!

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  • ALL Mod's This is a Adminstrative Communication. Please Review!

    Having responded to a situation that had occurred within the forum, It was brought to my attention that not all Current Moderators had a clear understanding of the announcement last week. Peachy (Me) was announced as a news release FRONT PAGE. And then Followed up by a Letter From the Editor and Chief.

    MJ has made arrangements to have me take control of the daily operations of the forum. That includes the decisions and actions of how the forum will run, the actions of the Moderators, and tasked me with the duty of developing a plan of action to grow and expand this forum. I thought that the actions taking would be a smooth transition. But from what I am finding out, we have several moderators who feel their opinion may in the past have falling on dead ears.

    Let me be clear, I take this Job and I do mean Job as a serious commitment on my part. I have already taking actions to implement several new upgrades to our software system. We have made updates recently to host on the Fastest server our current provider has and opened the line in requards to Bandwidth.

    MJ, has taken a role within the company, as that of IT Specialist and Chief Marketing Manager.

    He will communicate directly to me on his daily actions and I will keep him informed on the ongoing actions of the forum. So, to make it very clear, if you have a problem, suggestion or just do not like things around here. My door is your destination point.

    I am in the process of creating some structure within the forum. It was my hopes that as a team we would have come to together and as a single voice worked on this project. But I have had limited or no communication with the Majority of the Current assigned Moderators.

    I am working on the guidelines and actions that I feel that we need to address now, if you would like to be apart of them, my door is open. I have established a skype room group and all that have responded have been added. To the ones that remain silent, I feel the wounds or hurt may be beyond repair, and I understand. I would like to say thank you for service rendered up to this point, and If you like, I will take one the many irons that are on your plate and provide you with some relief if that is your wish.

    But Silence is the same quiet loud and specific statement, and I understand. But, I will not speak on the duties and role that I have as Editor and Chief Again.
    Editor and Chief

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    Read and understood!
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      Understood as well...


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        Got it buddy, thanks. Let's make it.....WWI the best out there.


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          Just in Case,

          Just in case you have any doubt as to what is expected. You should reply that you have read this. I see 14 views and only 3 responses. That is un acceptable behavior from adults.

          whether you agree disagree or what, you accepted the position, acknowledge the announcement. You do not have to say anything else. But I expect every current mod to acknowledge this announcement. for the 3 that have, thank you for your cooperation.
          Editor and Chief


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            Hi, peachy,

            First I have to admit that I am 1 of the 14 viewers that didn't respond.

            As communicated, I would not have the time resource to continue to serve the community like before, and I am going to leave the role as moderator soon, so I thought my response will not be needed.

            I spent 8 lovely months with the forum, and made some friends, I only have good things to say. Though there are still room for improvement, and I trust that you guys can bring the forum to a new height. All the best!

            Trader T


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              Thanks for the posting Peachy


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                Hey, just to keep everybody on the same page, I created this ID or user name to use for official announcements. I will be operating and working in the forum as my regular username Peachy. So, if you need me, you have Peachy pm, you have the Shout/Chatbox and also we have the skype Moderator group. So, Please do not send any pm's or requests here, I will not be monitoring this on a daily basis and therefore, to respond the quickest. just hit me up as peachy.

                I wanted to say thanks to everyone so far for the most excellent support that anybody could ask for. thank you

                Editor and Chief


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                  Read and understood Peachy.

                  I have also read the September Project thread, but will refrain from participating as I have nothing of value to contribute in that specific aspect. I trade Options, so the strategies I use are not in the mainstream here (being forex). That said, I am supportive of the efforts and direction mentioned therein.

                  My current interest is mainly in the ebooks and videos sections, so my contributions will mostly reside there.
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