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Okay. We have determined that a member may post a myfxbook.com link if it is to provide information about a specific indicator, system or ea. Provided that the name and ownership is valid. However, Any member requesting the share of this www.myfxbook.xxx and they merely have seen it on the myfxbook site. The post will be deleted no discussion. So, Sorry for the delay but we had to make a final decision and we needed to explore all avenues.
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    Personally I think that Peachy has taken his condescending and arrogant attitude to a new level regarding a rather innocent comment and what I see as a valid question posed by another member of this forum. It seems that he can abuse others who post, protected by his position in the forum in a totally and unjustified manner and if other people care to challenge what he says or the way he says it, they are immediately banned or at the very least verbally abused.
    Whilst his points of view are relevant and quite often true, there is a right and a wrong way to answer to members who comment, quite often though the vitriol shown by peachy is way beyond the justified response and whilst no doubt he is a well qualified trader who is successful, he is not the be all regarding the oracle of trading.
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    Posted by: peachy
    Original Content:
    Originally posted by wwwfx View Post
    Great call on G/N!
    Why did you choose the G/J and why you chickend out so early?

    I had to think long and hard before I responded to your post. I want to ask you a question if I may. Do you know the difference between a professional and a amateur and gambler.

    The Professional hits the heart and moves own.

    The Amateur is so excited that they get caught up they do not know when enough is enough.

    The Gambler is so excited he finally won, sure it must be going some more.

    My answer to you. I plan my trades. I trade my plans. I trade more money than most people do. Therefore, I have more risk in volume vs risk in availability. ( I have the money vs I am gambling on the rent money). Therefore, before I take a trade. I know my risk and it is managed. I know my profit that I am wanting. When I obtain that target. My job is done. They paid me to make money. Not watch the the Ferrous Wheel go around.

    But, I just do not understand why you say I Chickened out. I took a trade and called it at roughly 15 hours before the fun began. Made money and Then made some more money. I call that a hell of job. Not someone who is Chicken.


    Oh, may I asked how many pips you made today? Care to post your Screen?