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  1. #1 Daily Market Analysis Daily Market Analysis

    Market pauses for AUD data Daily Market Analysis

    It's a big day for the Australian economy as it continues to find movements from fundamentals rather than technical's. In this case, the cash rate statement and the rate statement are likely to take centre stage for the AUDUSD. Many had expect the Reserve Bank of Australia to hold back in the short term, as it has been unclear if the Australian economy will recover on the back of the boost in commodity prices in the metals sector. For myself it seems like it will, but it seems all the more long term rather than short term, and this will lead to issues in the short term as many Australians expect positives rather than negatives from the uptick in commodity prices. With Capex decreasing and employment looking more repressed than ever the Australian economy continues to struggle and it's likely to remain that way.

    The AUDUSD on the charts has tried to remained bullish in the short term, but the bears are starting to take control. Every wave has so far been much weaker, and I expect that to continue in the long run. The 100 day moving average has acted as dynamic support in the past, and is likely to remain that way as well. Many are expecting any further resistance higher to occur at 0.7616 and 0.7643 which have held out against further movements higher. But it's also worth acknowledging the bullish trend line that has been in play for some time, and is likely to hold up any further movements lower, so AUDUSD traders will be taking stock of this trend line and the potential it has to ruin the bears day.

    It has been a topsy turvey day for gold markets as they continue to buck the trend and look to climb higher on the back of political risk which continues to be a major force for US traders. Many are expecting a democratic victory, but with the uncertainty at hand some are wondering what the next step may be. So for gold markets this has been somewhat of a bullish market as of late, and in the fact of positive economic data and interest rates likely to be pushed higher.

    Gold has previously failed to break below support at 1249 after repeat attempts, and this looks to be a strong level despite what many are saying. I would expect gold to trend higher in the short term above resistance at 1295 as US political risk increases and the election continues to find itself under further pressure from outside sources. Further levels higher for resistance can be found at 1323 on the charts.

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    By Alex Gurr, Guest Analyst Daily Market Analysis

  2. #2 Daily Market Analysis

    Oil continues to slip down the drain Daily Market Analysis

    The stock markets appear on track to continue their lower levels of volatility and possible losses as we head into the second day of the new trading week at the time of writing. We are now exactly one week away from the US election taking place and while this event shouldn’t usually dominate market attention, the fact that the race for US President is between the two most unpopular candidates in election history could provoke a different type of market reaction from investors.

    The headlines at the moment are still circling around the breaking news late last week that the FBI are once again reviewing the emails of US Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton. It is not yet known whether this will impact her current probability of winning the election, although it is safer to say that even if Clinton is declared the eventual winner that this will at the very least dominate the early weeks of her Presidential reign.

    The risks to the US election result at this point in time still rests with Donald Trump being declared the unlikely victor, which is something that has still not been priced into the financial markets. Hilary Clinton being declared as the winner is what the markets currently expect and have priced in could still result in a subdued, or even negative reaction from investors. The reason for this is because this should provide further clarity that the Federal Reserve are on track to raise US interest rates for the second December in succession.

    It is worth pointing out that while the Dollar is close to milestone high levels at the time of writing and a US interest rate rise has mostly been priced into the Dollar, confirmation of a US interest rate rise would still be seen as a negative for emerging market assets, precious metals and the stock markets.

    WTI Oil below $47

    WTI Oil concluded the month of October close to where the commodity commenced trading and looks at further risk to extending losses as we begin November with the price of WTI falling below $47 overnight.

    The reason for the resumption of violent losses over the past week have followed concerns that OPEC will be unable to agree on the previously expected production cut during their meeting this month. Investors had previously priced in the shocking news that OPEC had unexpectedly agreed to a preliminary cut to be confirmed in November, however they have now took profits off the table as a result of this situation now leading to confusion.

    The name of the game with oil at present now appears to be sell the fact that OPEC have not yet confirmed any changes in production output, while investors were previously buying the rumor but have now changed their tune.

    It is worth pointing out at the very least that if OPEC members are not even able to agree within the same committee group on production levels, then there are even slimmer chances of Non-OPEC members agreeing to join this unexpected treaty. This is what is required and a change in global production output would be seen as a significant milestone on the road to leading the price of oil away from ongoing depression.

    In the meantime, any further concerns floating around over OPEC being unable to follow through with their previous pledge to confirm a change in production output this month should in theory install further selling momentum.

    Confirmation or renewed optimism of what investors were previously pricing into the markets with this being a change in production output would be required to enhance the potential of a price recovery for oil.

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    By Jameel Ahmad, VP of Corporate Development & Chief Market Analyst Daily Market Analysis

  3. #3 Daily Market Analysis

    RBA starts to sound hawkish Daily Market Analysis

    Today's market revelations from the Reserve Bank of Australia regarding interest rates were an interesting turn to say the least. Many traders have been expecting the easing bias to continue for the RBA in the long term, given the state of the economy. But instead, they found themselves listening to a much more hawkish RBA than anyone expected and it would seem that interest rate cuts may be completely off the table for now. In line with the statement the RBA also believes that inflation is likely to pick up as well, and commodity prices are recovering albeit a struggle at times. For some time now we have seen a reserved approach from the RBA so for traders this was very much a bullish signal and the AUDUSD responded in turn jumping higher. However, the RBA still considers the AUDUSD to be too high and complicating the current recovery of the economy. Sadly if you're going to suddenly turn hawkish then markets are likely to look for further yield out of the Australian economy when all others are lagging.

    On the charts the AUDUSD has been showing weaker waves than ever before with a pattern of lower highs every time we see a jump. It will be interesting to see if this can be maintained in the long run given the hawkish tone that has occurred. Any retreat downwards is likely to find dynamic resistance around the 100 day moving average mark, but also at 0.7616. I previously was slightly bearish, but less likely to be so these days unless we see the Chinese economy struggle and inflation continue to be sluggish for the Aussie economy. Any jumps higher looking for resistance are also likely to find it solidly at 0.7730, which will be a touch and go point to see if the AUDUSD can sustain new heights on the charts.

    Across the water in the US market and oil continues to show surplus build ups with social media reporting a build up of 9m barrels before the official release, which is naturally in turn causing selling in oil all together. With OPEC failing to come to any sort of agreement, it feels very much the case that we will see oil prices continue to dip and slide lower on all this news. Only a sustained agreement could genuinely stop the bears from coming back into the market and taking a swipe every time the oil inventory data shows a build-up.

    Oil has slid aggressively down the charts and has held up on support at present at 46.19 with the market now looking to position itself for the official data due out on Thursday, which will likely cause some strong swings in the market. So far we've also seen very little profit taking, which means we could see a bullish candle at a major support level in the near future. I would take this as caution around a reversal and focus on the trend which continues to be one of the stronger points of trading oil in the present climate.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    By Alex Gurr, Guest Analyst Daily Market Analysis

  4. #4 Daily Market Analysis

    Markets in early stage of panic as Trump leads Daily Market Analysis

    Investors are dumping risk assets this morning as latest ABC News/Washington post tracking poll showed Trump ahead of Clinton for the first time. Trump odds for winning the U.S. elections increased after FBI reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email and he will maximize his leverage on the case with less than a week remaining to the election date.

    Most major Asian equity indices fell by more than 1%, as Wall Street’s fear index “VIX” soared above 20 levels for the first time since September 12. The Mexican peso which has become the popular election proxy also fell this morning, declining by more than 4.3% for the past six trading days.

    The dollar was also hit, plunging to three weeks low versus the euro and one month low against the swiss frank as U.S. 10-year treasury yields fell 7 basis points from yesterday’s highs.

    Neither earnings nor economic data will provide market direction and it’s going to be a roller coaster ride for the next couple of days as a Trump win appears similar to a Brexit style reaction and probably more severe.

    The post Brexit vote market reaction is still fresh in investors’ memory and no one wants to be caught on the wrong side of the trade, it will only take another one or two polls showing a Trump lead to boost markets anxiety and thus a steep sell off in equity markets and high beta currencies.

    Gold is likely be the most wanted asset to hedge against political risks, and although it jumped 4% from October’s low, there still much potential to go higher from current levels.

    The Fed is expected to stand pat on rates when they announce policy later today, and while recent round of economic data justifies a rate hike, the Fed doesn’t want to influence the presidential election outcome either way. In a recent report, I expected the Fed to deliver a strong signal on raising rates in December by reiterating a similar sentence from October’s 2015 statement:

    “In determining whether it will be appropriate to raise the target range at its next meeting, the Committee will assess progress both realized and expected toward its objectives of maximum employment and 2 percent inflation.”

    Although I still believe it’s possible, chances now stand at 50%.

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    By Hussein Sayed, Chief Market Strategist (Gulf & MENA) Daily Market Analysis

  5. #5 Daily Market Analysis

    FTSE 100 crushed as Pound leaps higher Daily Market Analysis

    While the impending US election vote is continuing to drive all headline attention, the FTSE 100 concluded the week losing over 1.4% and dipping below the psychological 7000 milestone level as a result of the British Pound surging higher following optimism that the UK Government have hit a wall following the recent High Court ruling in their attempts at speeding up the UK’s exit from the European Union.

    With the High Court ruling that the process of exiting the European Union can’t begin with the vote of Parliament, previous concerns that the UK was going to be led to a “Hard Brexit” from Prime Minister Theresa May have been dashed to the side for now. I still expect buying interest in the Pound to be subdued as the ruling simply puts the brakes on the previous concerns that the UK Government would rush ahead to leave the EU, but the indications that the divorce is not being accelerated is providing support to the UK currency.

    What I personally find interesting when monitoring the investor reaction to this news, is that it is becoming clearer and clearer that the FTSE 100 and British Pound are mirroring each other’s movements in an opposite direction in the same way we have experienced in the Nikkei and Japanese Yen for years. The High Court ruling should actually be seen as a positive for the UK economy, and as such for the FTSE 100 but investors are driven in the modern era by different types of yields and it looks like the FTSE 100 and British Pound are being hedged against each other.

    WTI Oil below $45

    We can call this going full circle. The price of WTI Oil has now returned below the levels of the shock at a preliminary agreement being reached nearly two months ago, as a result of a lack of confirmation that OPEC will confirm a change in production this month. Investors have now taken all profits off the table when it comes to Oil, and the credibility of the OPEC Committee is being called into question as a result of the ongoing lack of clarity over whether there will be a change in production output this month.

    These losses for the Oil markets are getting more and more violent, we might even be at risk to entering another bear market. The situation with OPEC is to be polite, just confusing and a failure to carry through with the previously announced preliminary cut will likely continue to alert sellers to drive the commodity even lower down the charts.

    Despite the aggressive selling, there is still some faint optimism that OPEC will be able to set an output quota at its next meeting and confirmation of this is needed to bring investor attraction back towards oil.

    FBI U-turn to encourage market rebound?

    The major news as we head into an historical week is that Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey has stated that a review of new evidence provides no reason to change its earlier decision that Hilary Clinton should not face charges related to the use of her private email server. This has provided encouragement for the markets to begin a rebound away from the losses last week, most noticeably resulting with the Dollar charging higher across the FX markets.

    Investors might be tempted to price this news as encouragement that Hilary Clinton will be declared as victorious and this why the markets are expected to continue pointing higher as trading gets underway in other trading sessions on Monday.

    I would personally add that this news does not confirm that Clinton will win, and there be a risk that some damage has been done to credibility following this ongoing drama being in the headlines for such a long time and with voters probably deciding already who they will elect as the new US President. Either way, I am expecting further swings for the markets with this possibly being in either direction until the outcome of the US election is confirmed.

    USDCNH resumes gains

    The Chinese Yuan has been one of the biggest losers from the resumption in Dollar strength overnight following the news from the FBI over Hilary Clinton. The USDCNH appears on its way to returning to milestone highs close to 6.80 at the time of writing.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    By Jameel Ahmad, VP of Corporate Development & Chief Market Analyst Daily Market Analysis

  6. #6 Daily Market Analysis

    Commodity currencies jump on US fears Daily Market Analysis

    The Australian dollar has jumped higher again on the back of USD weakness, as non-farm payroll data was much weaker than expected coming in at 161K. But the main feature that has been disrupting the market is the US election with many worried about the likely outcome of the election over Trump vs Hillary. So far many have been calling for a Hillary win, but many are concerned that a number of Trump supports have not admitted to polls that they will indeed vote for Trump. The likelihood for the markets is a drop in the USD if Trump is elected, or a rise for the market if Hillary is elected. Back in Australia though things have been a little different, with retail sales beating estimates in the previous week to 0.6% (0.4% exp). However unemployment continues to be an issue with full time jobs losing ground over temporary ones, and now some analysts are expecting two rate cuts in 2017 if the data does not improve. I believe this is very much likely on the basis that does not seem to be improving, and also that the AUD continues to be a painful topic for Australian exports, as fixed interest investors continue to hunt for yield in the repressed market.

    The AUDUSD has risen high on the charts in recent days and has touched on a strong level of resistance at 0.7730 and has started to slip backwards, however this wave forward goes against the recent bearish trend and for me is a bullish signal with profit taking at this level of resistance. Going forward a pull back to support at 0.7695 looks like a strong possibility before a push higher in the face of non-action from the Reserve Bank of Australia. Further resistance levels though above 0.7730 can be found at 0.7754 and 0.7791.

    Oil has found itself under technical pressure in the market after the recent pressures caused by surpluses appearing in the US market after last week's came in strongly at 14.42M (1.51M exp). This in turn has caused a run on the oil market which has seen the bears take complete control and look to push it much lower than previously expected. With OPEC still struggling with infighting and lack of direction, it looks all the more likely that this will be drawn out for some time when it comes to cutting back on production. I would anticipate that some deal will be struck, but the timeframes around it are some time off.

    Oil does like to bounce and support at 43.47 was all the market needed to do exactly that, with traders looking to find the floor in the market and hitting it square on. With that drop the bulls have looked to regain some control but resistance at 46.19 seems a little far off, and the reality of surpluses and aggressive oil traders is that the bears are likely to come back in swinging, it's more likely they are waiting to trade of the result of the US election in the next few days.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    By Alex Gurr, Guest Analyst Daily Market Analysis

  7. #7 Daily Market Analysis

    FBI intervention ends nine days losing streak, markets pricing Clinton victory Daily Market Analysis

    Risks assets received a boost on Monday after the FBI announced it will not change the conclusion it reached in July after investigating Hillary Clinton's new emails.

    The S&P 500 reacted as if a Clinton win looks more certain, surging by more than 2% and ending 9 days losing streak, its longest in more than three and a half decades. The Mexican peso led the rally in currencies, while safe-haven bonds and gold were dumped with the market’s fear gauge VIX index.

    There’s no doubt that financial markets and businesses are hoping for a Clinton win with latest polls supporting this outcome, however in a year full of surprises I will be reluctant to take big positions and would rather hedge against the unknown especially that a Clinton win is priced in to some extent. We shouldn’t forget that the Pound traded at 1.5 against the dollar on the day of the Brexit referendum.

    Whether Clinton or Trump wins the election, the longer-term impact will be decided by who rules the Senate and the House. Both the House and Senate are currently controlled by Republicans, and according to FiveThirtyEight the Democrats have 68.9% chance of recapturing the Senate. Markets best case scenario should be a continued congressional gridlock which makes it difficult for the president to pass new legislations.

    With almost 24 hours remaining to the election results, investors today seem to sit on the sidelines. The U.S. dollar is moving in a very narrow range and Asian equities are flat.

    Earlier today, data from China showed that both imports and exports shrank for the second straight month in October, leaving the country with $49.06 billion trade surplus. Overseas shipments dropped 7.3% year-on-year indicating that global demand for Chinese goods remained sluggish especially from Europe where exports slid 8.7%. The Yuan depreciation was not enough to offset weak global growth and Chinese officials are left with little options to meet their growth targets, however I believe that the Yuan will continue to depreciate against the dollar but in a slow pace to prevent big shocks like the ones seen in the beginning of 2016.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    By Hussein Sayed, Chief Market Strategist (Gulf & MENA) Daily Market Analysis

  8. #8 Daily Market Analysis

    The music of Trump leading resulted in investor shock Daily Market Analysis

    Recent history has once again repeated itself, and by this I mean that investors were caught completely off guard by not pricing in the reasonable possibility that Donald Trump could become the President of the United States. This is the exact same thing that happened during the EU referendum vote, when investors sided substantially towards pricing in a remain outcome and they were left in complete shock earlier in trading as a result of Donald Trump gaining momentum.

    The beat to the drum of music that Donald Trump could win this election has got louder, resulting in chaos throughout the financial markets as a result of investor uncertainty. The markets crashed earlier in Asia trading with investors transitioning to full-on “risk off” mode as a result of the shock of Trump going into the lead.

    So what has happened in the markets?

    Investors moved into complete “risk off” mode with major stock markets crashing, including the Dow Jones Index losing over 600 points at one point. A period of “risk off” is bad news for the stock markets and Trump momentum is seen as dangerous news for the stock markets. It must be pointed out to investors that Donald Trump has not won the election at this point and Clinton has now taken the lead in dramatic fashion, although the markets did crash earlier in Asia as a result of investor shock.

    “Risk off” basically means investor appetite towards riskier assets is diminished, meaning a massive negative for emerging market currencies. Both the Mexican Peso and Chinese Yuan weakened to record levels against the Dollar during trading so far in Asia. Why the Peso? Donald Trump is clearly anti-Mexico and Trump winning is seen as extremely bad news for the Mexican economy with this resulting in the Peso nosedive as a result of Trump momentum.

    While Donald Trump has also displayed some very negative views on China in the past, as he has done with a multitude of other matters to be honest, it is possible that the swing towards Trump did contribute towards the offshore Renminbi hitting another record-low against the Dollar. The USDCNH crashed through 6.80 but suddenly pulled back to 6.76 within minutes, before later consolidating around 6.79.

    This move was probably manipulated by election nerves sending investors flying away from riskier assets, but we can’t rule out the possibility that the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) might have pushed the buzzer to intervene and protect the Yuan from further losses as it reached 6.80. This is by no means confirmed, but it is one of the options that we can’t rule out of the equation.

    The price of Oil has been another loser to the previous sudden twist of momentum towards Donald Trump. While this hasn’t been touched upon very much, Trump winning would have negative consequences on the price of oil. Forget about the ongoing OPEC drama, the threat of growth forecasts being downgraded at least over the short-term due to investor uncertainty in theory weakens demand for commodities like oil.

    So who are traders currently favoring?

    It has been proven time and time again that when there is uncertainty in the markets that the Japanese Yen proves itself as a best friend to investors and this is happening once again. The Bank of Japan (BoJ) will be in complete dismay if Trump pulls this off because it is going to send the USDJPY towards gravity, after already pulling back from 105 to just below 102 during trading in Asia this morning.

    Safe-haven appeal for Gold is also being driven through the roof with the precious metal rallying from just above $1265 to marginally above $1320 on investor uncertainty.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    By Jameel Ahmad, VP of Corporate Development & Chief Market Analyst Daily Market Analysis

  9. #9 Daily Market Analysis

    Trump triumph sparks global selloff Daily Market Analysis

    Risk aversion swept across the financial markets during early trading on Wednesday after the unexpected Trump presidential victory soured investor risk appetite. Global sentiment was dealt a frightening blow with most major stocks sold off savagely as uncertainty repelled investors from riskier assets. The polls pointing to a Clinton victory were completely wrong, consequently catching participants off guard and this may come at a heavy price moving forward. With risk-off sentiment amid the Trump victory becoming a dominant theme across the board, stock markets could be left depressed for prolonged periods.

    The S&P 500 futures have already slumped by as much as 5% following Trump's victory with the bearish contagion dragging European stocks 2% lower on Wednesday. Wall Street may be contaminated by the negativity with further declines expected in the coming days as the toxic combination of uncertainty and sliding oil prices provide a foundation for bears to install repeated rounds of selling. There is a strong possibility that today’s presidential results spark a fresh era of risk aversion with investors turning to safe-haven assets for protection against the pending chaos.

    What a Trump victory means…

    Uncertainty and Donald Trump seem to have a symbiotic relationship and this continues to weigh heavily on global sentiment. Concerns remain elevated over Trump potentially triggering a global and political disruption in a fragile financial landscape that is already entangled in a losing battle with investor anxiety. The persistent threats from Trump to discard major trade agreements have kept participants on edge, while his anti-Mexico rhetoric continues to pressure both the Peso and Mexican economy. Emerging markets may be in store for a nasty surprise moving forward as risk-off encourages another brutal selloff. Many questions remain unanswered in this sensitive period of uncertainty with more explosive movements expected as markets attempt to digest the Trump reality.

    Dollar bears rampage

    The Dollar experienced heavy losses during early trading on Wednesday with the Dollar Index sinking to the lows of 95.91 following the unexpected Trump presidential victory. Dollar weakness may be a recurrent theme moving forward as the awful combination of uncertainty and heightened concerns over the future of the US economy entices sellers to attack incessantly. In the aftermath of Trump’s victory, expectations have already diminished over the Federal Reserve raising US interest rates in December with the current odds below 50% which should pressure prices further. Despite the sharp rebound, which has taken the Dollar Index back towards 97.65 as of writing, bears remain in control with the Index sinking towards 96.00 as speculators reduce bets on a US rate hike.

    Sterling scheduled for further declines

    Sterling bulls received false encouragement on Wednesday with the GBPUSD lurching towards 1.2545 on the back of Dollar weakness. This technical correction simply provided a fresh opportunity for bears to install repeated rounds of selling on a currency that is heavily poisoned by hard Brexit fears. Previous talks of the high court announcing that the Brexit cannot proceed without the vote to Parliament did little to keep Sterling buoyed with further losses expected as investors come to term with the Brexit reality. The GBPUSD could be poised for steeper declines once bears conquer the 1.2350 support. From a technical standpoint, a breakdown below 1.2350 could open a path towards 1.2200.

    WTI pressured by risk-off

    WTI Oil fell below $44 on Wednesday as Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the U.S presidential election sparked a wave of risk aversion. Oil prices were already pressured by the fading expectations towards OPEC securing a freeze deal in November’s meeting with this period of risk-off ensuring the commodity remains depressed. The amalgamation of oversupply woes and mounting concerns over demand diminishing amid slowing global growth could guide WTI crude back below $43. Some attention may be directed towards the pending crude oil inventories report which could send oil lower if there is a buildup in inventories.

    Commodity spotlight – Gold

    Gold surged with ferocity on Wednesday as Trump’s victory triggered risk aversion which encouraged investors to frantically pile into safe-haven assets. Markets have been flooded with renewed uncertainty consequently bolstering Gold’s allure. Dollar’s weakness amid dimming US rate hike expectations always played a key part which saw Gold prices clipping the highs of $1337. Buyers could be back in town with further gains expected as the mixture of Dollar weakness and uncertainty attracts investors to safe haven assets. From a technical standpoint, Gold is bullish on the daily timeframe as there have been consistently higher highs and higher lows. A breakout and decisive close above $1308 could encourage a further incline towards $1320.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    By Lukman Otunuga, Research Analyst Daily Market Analysis

  10. #10 Daily Market Analysis

    After initial panic, markets fell in love with Trump Daily Market Analysis

    Trump being elected the 45th U.S. president was not the only shock yesterday; the markets’ reaction was even more surprising. The immediate response looked like Brexit version 2.0, but as we headed into the European session stocks took a U-turn, recovering from heavy losses into sharp gains. Treasury bonds, currencies and commodities all reacted in the same way.

    U.S. equity benchmarks approached their record highs after falling by more than 5% in the futures market, meanwhile yields on 10-year treasury bonds rose 22 basis points to trade above 2% from an initial 14 basis point dip. Gold was no exception , the yellow metal lost $60 an ounce from its high, and Asian equities are skyrocketing from yesterday’s initial selloff. I have probably never seen such a day like this in my 14-year career in the financial markets!

    My only explanation to the markets’ super-fast reversal is that investors started looking at the fiscal side. More than eight years into the crisis, central banks were the major driver of financial markets and when their monetary policies started looking ineffective, stock markets remained stuck in narrow ranges. Now with Trump’s promises of big U.S. fiscal spending on the horizon, including massive cut in taxes and less regulation, investors believe that U.S. profit growth will rise sharply, inflation will return, and bonds’ yield curves will steepen.

    The financial sector, healthcare, and industrials were the main beneficiaries yesterday, while high yielding stocks, like utilities and real estate, had a tough day.

    The U.S. dollar also rose from an earlier steep selloff on the prospect that the Fed will go ahead with its plans and raise rates in December. I believe that the trajectory of rate hikes will be even faster if Trump decides to deliver on his promises, which will spur inflation expectations.

    However, there are many doubts and questions which remained unanswered. Will Trump deliver on his trade agreement promises, foreign policies, and immigration plans? Or was it only adverts for his campaign, and will the businessman be a different person after he becomes the president? One thing for certain is we’re going to see more volatility ahead, so better keep your seat belts on.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    By Hussein Sayed, Chief Market Strategist (Gulf & MENA) Daily Market Analysis

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