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    How to identify the best forex strategy?

    It’s really hard to detect or to find the [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] out there. Since there is no such thing as only profitable trades, there’s not even a forex strategy that will assure you a 100% sure thing. Ergo, profitability depends on the money management and the execution of the trade.

    Bottom line successful trading depends on the risk control, take losses quickly and often, if needed. Try to get your trade in the correct alignment right out of the gate. If it backs off, cut out and try again. Often, it is on the second or third attempt that your trade will move immediately in the right direction.

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    Trading must be treated like a business and all concerns for feelings or personal thoughts must be eliminated; the proven method strictly adhered to. Trading cannot be secondary to personal distractions (feelings and thoughts). These distractions must be controlled in some manner to allow the system to freely work in the market.

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    Trading by our expanded definition of following the WAY, the trail, gives us an edge over someone who merely is buying and selling. We are going to only buy or sell when the WAY shows us the certainty of the tracks and that they are going in the right direction. If we do anything less, we are not trading, we are on the same level of others who take one of the sides of exchange and they don't know.

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    If we can master our ability to respond to price rather than desiring to predict it, the chance of error is greatly diminished. Responding to price is a business decision to be profitable; predicting is an ego activity to be right.
    A successful trader doesn't need to know where the market is going tomorrow or next week, but needs to know what he will do no matter where the market goes. Being able to respond to the real market is much more important, than creating imaginary predictions that never occur, or at best occur sporadically and without a way of knowing for sure. To look at a real market price level right now, and knowing how to determine whether to get in, get out, or wait is the key to profitable trading. The business part of trading is much more important than the predicting part of forecasting.

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    Before getting into the specifics of systems and plans for trading, let's make some general observations:
    1, To make money in trading, when the market is going up, you must buy the market long and when it is going down you must sell the market short.
    2, If prices are going up the probability is greater that the market will continue to go up.
    3, If the market is going down the probability is greater that the market will continue to go down.
    Plus you can see a trend while it is still a trend, when you see a reversal; it is over, history, nada, kaput. So from this perspective, it is much better to trade in a trend than to try to find reversals to trade. This doesn't mean you must never trade reversals, what we are doing here is finding odds in our favor. And what we find is that trends are more favorable than reversals.

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    Because of the nature of risk aversion, most traders are more willing to enter the market with a close stop which is usually at a place where the market has just reversed or is about to reverse (at least in the mind of the trader). This is going against the odds of trading with the trend, because the trend hasn't established itself in the desired direction.
    But what it does say, is that going with the odds is more to our advantage than going against them and if one is developing a trading system it may be easier to start with the best odds and work from there. Trading an established trend in the direction of the trend is the most profitable as far as odds are considered.

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    It will require plenty of time until you determine the right strategy which works for you. Some traders may spend a few years to test, try and tweak their strategies until they achieve consistent success with them. I think there is no substitute for that.

    PS: Why on earth is scopper posting like that? Only reason I can think is the get to the post limit so he can spam the forums!

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    To identify the best forex strategy we need to devote our sufficient time to analyze what is the market condition,what is trend and what could be best for strategy we can adopt and what could be the risk associated with it. after that we should identify and opt the best one.
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    the idea of creating new strategies that can be used on the Forex market is one that has gained popularity over the years and seems to attract all and sundry

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    I think the best strategy depends on how to use it and how you feel comfortable using it.

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