Why are we seeing ads for VIP Section?

MJ.... you may want to look at the recent postings regarding complaints from current VIP Members that are complaining on how you are ripping them off and removing them for no reason from the VIP Section and when they try to contact you, obviously you refuse to reply back and fix your errors.

Let's fix the VIP Section and reinstate the members BEFORE you attempt to do any advertising for the VIP Section. As it stands, you are showing forum members that you are not taking care of current VIP members and those that are considering joining, will back off from doing so.

Let's fix this big mess on this forum first and win over the current members and show them you can manage this forum. This forum is going downhill very fast and very few members are contributing. Those that are current long time members are losing faith in you and are moving onto forums that are more interesting and have member participation.

Fix this mess and step up and apologize to members for your absence or turn this forum over to someone that has been doing most of the work obviously... and that is Peachy.

If Anyone agrees with my findings and wants to see this forum turn around, please post a comment and get some attention. Our current members deserve better than what we see these past few months.