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    Eurozone economic growth could slow down

    In the coming months, the pace of economic growth in the Eurozone could slow down. That is, according to the IHS Markit report on the Eurozone for July, published today at 11:00 (GMT+3). The preliminary PMI composite from IHS Markit shows a decline to 54.3, down from 54.9 in June, marking one of...
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    (Help) Accurate indicators. The The The Ask for help

    Hi Forum friends, who can add arrows and push alerts for this metric Thank you in advance best wishe
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    (Help) Please help me educate this profitable EA

    Hi, Would someone here help me educate this very profitable EA. Would you please help me educate this EA by removing account number and validity limitations. So I can use it unlimited.. Thanks in advance
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    (Req) Nina_Step_MA

    Dear Programmers, Hope someone can help with this request!!! Can someone add MTF options to this indicator? Thank you in advance? Dear Mods, I'm under the impression I place this request in the wrong location. Can someone move this request to the MQL Programming slot? Thank you kindly, Mrodri
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    (Req) File update help requested

    Greetings fellow traders and programmers, I need help updating the attached indicator to MT4 latest build. Thank you in advance for your effort. Regards,
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    (Req) Need a programmer who can decompile an afl file!

    Hi All, Hope all is well! Can anyone here decompile an afl file; then convert the file over to mq4? Please PM if you think you can take on this project? Thank you in advance. :) Anyone care to help with this request?
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    (How to) Potential Reversal Zone Question

    Hi guys, I really don't understand how we calculate the potential reversal zone. What is the BC projection and what is the completion point? Thanks in advance
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    (Req) EFC indicator

    Does anybody have the EFC indicator. Could you please share it. EFC Indicator- The Best MT4 Trading Indicator - Trading Strategy Guides Thanking you in advance.
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    (Req) Acacia Forex Indicator

    Please share this indicator if anyone have, thanks in advance
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    (Req) Redknight fx power levels

    Hello, I'm looking for this system. Does anyone has it to share ? Thanks in advance. :)
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    (Help) Need help to improve an indicator

    Hello, This indicator draws last days highs and lows. Is it possible also to draw: - last quarters highs and lows, - last years highs and lows. Thanks in advance. :)
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    (Req) Engulfing patterns indicator

    Hi guys, looking for this, .. Does anyone has it to share? Thanks in advance.
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    (Req) Fibonacci mastery course-Alia peters

    Hi friends Does anybody have any of Alia peters courses thanks in advance
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    (Help) Alert not working

    please make alert working in this indicator , thanx in advance
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    (Req) (Req) Precision Strength Indicator

    Hi, looking for this precision strength indicator, .. Does anyone has it ? Thanks in advance.
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    (Req) [REQ} Swing force indicator

    Hi, looking for this, Swing Force. Does anyone has it to share? Thanks in advance.
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    (Help) Sure fire hedging ea need to upgrade

    Hello, Can anyone upgrade this ea as 1) First order by the EA does not work, and it will scan and track any other order placed manually or by other EA. It will be hedged by EA 2) Open first order by pending Thank You in advance
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    (Req) Andrew T Hecht - How to Make Money with Commodities

    Dear All, looking for this book ...request if any one has this , kindly share...thanks in advance How to Make Money with Commodities: Andrew T. Hecht: 9780071807890: Books
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    (Req) Please can you convert this to mtf

    Please can you convert this to mtf i need signal from W1 into small period such us H4 chart. Thanks in advance. Max
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    (Req) The blue print for success by keith fitzerald

    Hi friends The blue print for success tells how to use x pattern best way. This is about Aroon indicator and how to use it for making profits. If anybody can help please share above and related info. thanks in advance