1. S

    (Help) can anyone add alert to this indicator

    can anyone add alert to this indicator, its a request please...........
  2. S

    (Help) ICS correct very profitable indicator

    Hi, very profitable indicator i have found giving good signal about 90% but the problem is it does not have alert and popup, can any good coder do some help to add. add alert when changes colour.
  3. S

    (Help) can any one add alert and popup nrp indicator

    pls add alert and popup
  4. S

    (Help) can any one add alert and popup

    can any one add alert and popup
  5. C

    (Req) Re:trend arrows indicator

    Re:trend arrows indicator Could someone please help to add sound alert to this trend arrow indicator. Thanks.
  6. T

    (Req) Add Alert

    Hello, can someone add sound alert and pop up to this indicator? Thanks
  7. P

    (Help) Alert not working

    please make alert working in this indicator , thanx in advance
  8. D

    (Req) Ad Alert Plz

    kindly Ad Alert for Arrow next bar thanks
  9. M

    (Share) RSI ma Multi index Alert

    Hi Please anyone this indicator kindly share - RSI ma Multi index Alert Buy the 'RSI ma Multi index Alert' Technical Indicator for MetaTrader 4 in MetaTrader Market Thanks Michaela:rolleyes:
  10. F

    (Discuss) Fx-agency advisor 3

    Anyone heard about this EA/indicators alert? FX-AGENCY ADVISOR 3 FX-Agency Advisor 3 | Forex Systems | Forex Indicators
  11. P

    (Req) Alert not working

    I have indicator but alert not working in this indicator please help it to work
  12. E

    (Help) Adjusting indicator alert and settings

    Hello Coder's, please can you help to adjust, the alert of this indicator to ring only once on the first arrow in a particular direction, some times it rings continuously; and can it be made to show prices in the indicator's parameter (not limited to High and Low). Thanks in advance.
  13. adelzadeh

    (Req) put alert

    hello to all could someone help to just add alert when green line cross yellow line regard
  14. T

    (Help) Please add E-Mail alert

    Hi, maybe someone expert can add an e-mail alert to this indicator. i know that the signal comes 3 bars late BUT if u use 1M chart then this indicator signal is still very good. thanks already in advance. cheers tikolino
  15. D

    (Help) dear coders, if you please add alert to this indicator

    if you please, add an alert to attatched indicator it contains an option called signals when it is true , it shows 3 types of texts on the chart : 1 - green text called : buy at + price 2- red text called : sell at + prcie 3- white text called : exit + price when the green text appears...
  16. adelzadeh

    (Share) candle pips alert

    This is an indicator that alerts when a candle is above x pips.
  17. adelzadeh

    (Share) MA ribbon with alert + MTF

    MA ribbon with alert + MTF
  18. N

    (Req) Put alert on Indicator

    Hi guys, someone know to put alert when there is arrow? thank so much
  19. P

    (Help) Please add alert

    Please add alert when colour change from green to red and red to green, thanx in advance
  20. D

    (Req) Yesterday daily high low alert indicator (Req)

    I'm looking for an indicator that will alert me (audible and email) when price hits high or low of yesterday daily price. Hope someone can share it here. Thanks in advance