1. S

    (Discuss) secret arrow indicator

    Secret arrow indicator 2017 - YouTube
  2. A

    (Help) lwma cross

    hi coders help me to arrow appear on current candle not the closing of the candle
  3. S

    (Share) arrow holygrail

    Arrow holygrail part2 - YouTube try this one amazing unbelievable result no repainting no recalculating, alert on current candle, work only on live market not work on strategy tester.
  4. J

    (Help) How to read the arrow values in an arrow indicator

    I want to know if there is a red arrow or a green arrow in past candles in this indicator (and other similar ones). How do you do that in mql?
  5. C

    (Req) Re:trend arrows indicator

    Re:trend arrows indicator Could someone please help to add sound alert to this trend arrow indicator. Thanks.
  6. D

    (Req) Ad Alert Plz

    kindly Ad Alert for Arrow next bar thanks
  7. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) EUR/USD: Targeting 6-Month Down Channel

    EUR/USD continues trending lower, hitting the 1.05 handle and has only two support levels left. The team at SocGen focuses on the downwards channel. EUR/USD is trading comfortably below the multi-decade channel support (around 1.0780, monthly closing, pointed by arrow). Only a definite break...
  8. C

    (Req) can make a simple ea,using this strategy?

    can make a simple ea,using this strategy? indicators: donchian channal+atr, multi indicator alert. LONG/BUY: after appeared red cross,wait for yellow buy arrow .exit at green cross SHORT/SELL: after appeared green cross,wait for red sell arrow,exit at red cross. this strategy work good in...
  9. N

    (Req) Put alert on Indicator

    Hi guys, someone know to put alert when there is arrow? thank so much
  10. L

    (Share) My trading system for EURUSD

    The trading system which I have called "Dragon ." On average, the pair EURUSD and timeframe H1 brings 20-25 points per day . Trading is very easy in this system . If there was a red arrow and a red histogram - sell if there was a blue arrow and blue histogram - buy. We leave from the transaction...
  11. I

    (Share) Indicators new Personal system

    hello ^_^:cool: i'm trying to create a new system to gain some pips . so i present to you my new system which i did not create the indicators all indicators in this system are not mine . for the entry and exit rules < actually i have my own method to follow :D the time frame used is ...
  12. A

    (Share) share black arrow indicator

    share black arrow indicator
  13. P

    (Help) Please add alert when arrow appear

    Please add sound alert when arrow appear thanx in advance
  14. C

    (Share) Win10

    my new system for scalpers:) Long enter: green arrow + shows "TREND BLUE UP ARROW". stoploss 35 /when "TREND" change. tp 10 .i tested Eurusd.good result.5time frame.u can check others. Opposite forShort.:)
  15. S

    (Share) Gold and Silver technical analysis for next week

    Look at the above silver daily chart, there's right arrow clearly indicating fictitious break of the silver and on next day it broke trendline & closed below it. That’s why we have seen big down fall. Now if silver close above to 14.815 level then we will see 15.100-15.400+ levels. And if it...
  16. A

    (Req) Masters please help to make this indicator into Ea

    Hello Folks This is my first Thread and i need help from Masters sir i have a request can some one make this Indicator into EA .strategy is very simple stop and reverse buy when buy arrow appears and close position when sell signal arrow appears and sell new position .Thats it but this...
  17. C

    (Share) Bpfx2015

    hello,fellow traders,i have created a new and also a simple system for unexperienced/newbies traders. Time Frame: 15m. indicators:forex millionaire arrow & cci(11)(must add 200+,0,-200 levels) Entry long/buy: after appear white arrow,we wait for cci cross above 0 level.after cross confirmed, we...
  18. A

    (Req) Alert - arrow and message

    Please can someone program an alert (message + arrow) when the following four conditions are met? Up arrow + message + sound 1. CCI (14) crosses level 200 from below 2. DeMarker (4) reaches the highest possible level 3. Money Flow Index (4) reaches the highest possible value 4. RSI (4) crosses...
  19. D

    Forex Super Arrow Signals

    Kindly Share Forex Super Arrow Signals Indicator with Buy Sell Alerts MT4 | eBay
  20. G

    Arrow and Alert Feature

    Hi Friends, Can you please code for Arrow and Alert feature instead of labels on the chart ... Thanks a lot