1. G

    Tips to rebuild credibility

    Sometimes we encounter problems with credibility and reputation if we had some unpaid loan before or past failure to keep up with our credit agreements. With the right steps, would you think it is possible to rebuild it and get a loan again? But how could our bad loan credit history could...
  2. S

    (Discuss) high frequancy 5 minit treding system

    high frequancy 5 minit treding system member please any siggestion sorry for bad english
  3. B

    (ask) good result

    a friend ve n gave this ea n he said that the ea make 30% but the bad thing is that the ea is an ex file cant unlock does anyone want it they should let me known
  4. dongril

    (ask) Look Historical records can presumably what strategy?

    Sorry my bad english. There is a good signal,But now can not use the。 Look Historical records can presumably what strategy?!tab=history Thank you very much
  5. L

    The EURUSD Bad King Hedge EA

    The EURUSD Bad King Hedge EA , do you know the way how to hedge ? You need to clarify your post. We deleted part of your post. What exactly are you doing, selling , promoting or are you sharing this.?/Moderator
  6. M

    Braving The Rapids Method

    This is an PDF ebook. Doesn't look bad.
  7. T

    EnvMACD H1 EA Someone could make a quality backtest 99%, since I do not do, only 90% quality and does not look bad.                                                  Thank You.
  8. L

    (Req) Price Crosses MA assistance needed

    Hi everybody!!!!! Could someone help me modify this indicator????? To alert the only one time per bar . Of course many thanks in advance. Sorry for my bad english.
  9. N

    (Share) Financier_2009 Indicator

    One more MA based indication to deal with financial and equity market... May this be help full in filtering out bad signals......
  10. peachy

    ( Share) Where did My Post Go?

    Have you ever created a post only to comeback and find it gone. Well I have the answer. There is these people called Moderators. Hungry little rascals. They only eat bad and noncomplying post. When they troll ( as one Banned Member ) called it, they find these fresh new crispy post...
  11. C

    Bad reviews of FXpro on tradecomplaint

    I was about to trade with broker fxpro but I found really bad reviews about them on tradecomplaint. They have scammed lot of people. Users you can post your reviews here. If any one has been scammed by Fxpro.
  12. C

    Sound of music.

    Decided to make thread in Lounge, and ask others how music works on your emotions? Actualy trader cannot be emotional at least in trading, but in other cases I'm very very very emotional. Just play me some music and you will see me changing. No matter how good day it is, If I listen some bad...
  13. V

    [REQ] Study Guide Kirk Patrick: Technical Analysis- The Complete Resource for Financi

    [REQ] Study Guide Kirk Patrick: Technical Analysis- The Complete Resource for Financi it shows a real account ... results do not look too bad for about 3 months ;-)
  14. worldwide-invest

    Spanish banks say fewer bad debts show turnaround could be here

    Spain's Caixabank and Sabadell posted fewer bad debts in the first quarter of 2014 and heralded the start of a turnaround for the country's banks after a costly crisis. Spain's financial industry has struggled to recover from a 2008 housing crash that lumbered its banks with huge unpaid property...
  15. B

    [2000-2002] Cliff Droke eBooks [Elliott Wave, Gann, Pivots]

    Hello everybody, After a long and bad jurney under the bad presure of "mr kudateam", who "force" many members here to sign on an agreement (attached) which is a .. I do not want to say something bad here, and pay a lot of money, too, we can now continue discuss this system freely. YES, Just...
  16. M

    need help !!!

    hello guys i have a trading system which work not bad but i need to create an EA on it, i have tried a lot of EA builder, but too difficult, can someone help to create ? regards
  17. worldwide-invest

    Central bank says bad loans still rising at Slovenian banks

    Bad loans in Slovenian banks have risen since the government pumped money into the troubled lenders in December, central bank governor Bostjan Jazbec was quoted as saying. Non-performing loans at local banks total some 11 billion euros ($15 billion) and might rise further, Jazbec said in an...
  18. Z

    (REQ) Anybody have the new version of snake v.5?

    I believe this has been requested before but was not shared. Version 4 is not bad.
  19. E

    Liberty Reserve can be ACCESSED..!!

    It's really bad or even good news for all trader in the world. The best payment system LR have been show up again.. What do you thing about this site?. is it scam??
  20. R


    has anyone had any dealings with banc54 good or bad