1. vitalfx

    (Req) Please share these indicators from ""

    1: LogicTrendline (Logic Trendline) 2: . (Trend Trading Cloud) 3: . (Pin Bar Setup)
  2. T

    (ask) Need EA to close all orders on close of the bar.

    Hi All, I need a simple EA, to close any open order on the close of the bar. Example, I have 5 trades open on any pairs. such as AUDJPY, BTCUSD, GBPUSD, EURUSD, DAX30. I load this close EA on on a 15m chart (Can be anytime frame) once the current bar closes on the 15m we close all the above...
  3. D

    (Req) Ad Alert Plz

    kindly Ad Alert for Arrow next bar thanks
  4. T

    (Help) 2 indicators in one

    Dear coders, is it possible to pack: in one indicator that if on one bar both arrows (at the same bar -close-) appear together and then gives a signal (audio and email) because those signals are good ones. like this: please let me know if u can do. thanks already in advance cheers tikolino
  5. adelzadeh

    (Share) bar ticks separation info

    bar ticks separation info
  6. adelzadeh

    (Share) last x bar high/low MTF

    last x bar high/low MTF
  7. F

    (Help) Help optimize code

    Hello, I have a memory (RAM) problem with a section of code. I want to get the close of the next M5 bar while I'm on a M15 timeframe, so : iClose(pair,5,iBarShift(pair,5,iTime(pair,0,i-1),true)-1) The problem is that it use lot of mermory (about 1GB more than a simple next close of M15 bar)...
  8. adelzadeh

    (Share) candle per bar {exp: every 13 candle draw one candle}

    The parameter that is the most important : TimeOfAncoredBar. It is the time of the bar that is anchored and around which everything is drawn. Starting from that bar NumebrOfBarsPerCandlebars are counted and when reached a new candle is drawn. Time must be entered in a " hh:mm" format...
  9. T

    (Discuss) Double Inside Bar - VertexFX

    Double Inside Bar is a Client Side VTL indicator. Double inside bar is a price action candles stick pattern where two inside bars form immediately. An inside bar is a bar whose high is less than the high of the previous bar and low is greater than the low of previous bar. The Double Inside bar...
  10. adelzadeh

    (Share) VSA Text

    The indicator is base on "volume spared analysis". It shows the vertical text to indicate upthrust, no demand bar, stopping volume, no supply bar reverse upthrust. The indicator should use together with any kind of volume indicator and the support and resistance indicator. The external...
  11. adelzadeh

    (Share) 5 Compelling Reasons to Use Tick Charts

    time charts draw a new bar after a set period of time, for example after every 5 minutes. Tick charts draw a new bar after a set number of trades, for example after every 1,000 trades 1. Tick Charts allow you to follow the Professionals 2. Tick Charts allow you to fade the Amateurs 3. Tick...
  12. adelzadeh

    (Share) first full VSA system for MT4!!!

    Im coding this a few time now, and it is finaly finished! This is a try to conver tradeguider to MT4.... I also recoded code to MT4! This is definitely my best code ever, and it kicks ass. I posted this on MQL4 site, and I was banned after 15 minutes..... I wonder Also take...
  13. adelzadeh

    (Share) [VOLUME] Market facilitation index (MFI) mt4

    Market facilitation index (MFI) by Bill Williams The MFI indicator measures the strength or weakness behind movements in an asset's price. It helps you decide whether a trend is strong enough to justify trading it and when a new trend may be about to start. Different colours tell you whether a...
  14. R

    (Req) Simple Fast Profits -TRADING SYSTEM

    Friends Here is a system I am looking for. Simple Fast Forex Now there is a simple question Suppose we cant find the above system,then what? Follow my idea-test-confirm things are on right track or not. If you are reading this, with glimmer of hope of finding something of value or use,Let me...
  15. R

    (Share) Favorite trade setup- simple and efficient Low risk way of trading

    Friends Are you feeling you cant make profits in trading? Do you feel there is no such a thing like Low risk high reward trading methods? Dont get disheartened. Here is a setup. it uses a 20 ma line as reference for trend. you go after momentum. Find a retracement or pull back in a trend,with...
  16. W

    (Help) PZ indicator to EA

    Forum Member, PZ indicators are blacklisted. Do not post them in this forum/peachy Hi, I think this could have potential as a EA but its beyond my capability to do. I need some basic setting to start with to do optimizations which I will share if successful. Open buy or sell on close...
  17. R

    (Share) Simple trading system-use 3 bar or 5 bar pattern with ma50 line

    Hi guys who are fed up trying trading systems Here is a simple system. it works on any timeframe and for any instrument. concept is use a 3 bar pattern in trend. you can use 5 bar pattern also for longer term. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ buy...
  18. N

    (Discuss) Zero Lag Indicator Vertex FX Indicator

    The Zero Lag indicator is a powerful VertexFX indicator based upon the EMA indicator (attempts) to eliminate lag from the EMA. This indicator is based on the concept of Kalman filtering (and thus falls in the category of Kalman filters). The smoothing constant ALPHA defines the amount of lag to...
  19. S

    the excellent turkey-cock signals on 0 bar but can be late but it isn't terrible

    the excellent turkey-cock signals on 0 bar but can be late but it isn't terrible the excellent turkey-cock signals on 0 bar but can be late but it isn't terrible would be super if to make an owl on it! the best time of 15 minutes! it is stupid to make from an arrow to an arrow without take and...
  20. R

    Can somebody code an indicator to implement this concept of OTF?

    Hi coders I have seen many a trader suffer at the hands of the unkind mrket and bear losses. There is a simple solution to the problem-use a proper technique-use a stoploss-use a reasonable target. Where is the method? here it is one timeframingtechnique concept it uses only 30 minute bars...