1. S

    (ask) Looking for Bitcoin option trading broker

    Dear All, I am looking for Bitcoin option trading. Could you please tell me where I can buy bitcoin Puts. If possible, please share me which is good broker for bitcoin option trading. Many many thanks for your helps.
  2. B

    (Share) US Clients - Choosing a Broker Tips

    Many of you guys know that the US heavily regulates the Forex markets. Quite frankly they don't like Forex. I've been trading Forex for over a year and it took me awhile to find a decent broker. There are really only two brokers in US. Offering 50x leverage and shitty spreads. I am posting...
  3. adelzadeh

    (Share) {2017} David Enrich {The Spider Network: The Wild Story of a Math Genius}

    {2017} David Enrich {The Spider Network: The Wild Story of a Math Genius} The Spider Network: The Wild Story of a Math Genius, a Gang of Backstabbing Bankers, and One of the Greatest Scams in Financial History (9780062452986): David Enrich: Books The Wall Street Journal's...
  4. T

    (ask) Does anyone know anything about FXORO?

    Hello Guys, I have recently joined the forum. It looks like one of the best non-forex media owned forums on the internet today. I have recently decided to start trading forex with my own money. Have traded on a couple of demo accounts and now trying to choose a broker who is reliable and...
  5. Y

    (Share) Lower & Tighter Spreads at Yadix Broker

    Dear Traders, Due to technology advances and more banks in our institutional liquidity pool, Yadix broker is now able to provide traders with spreads as low as 0 pips (zero) on forex majors and highly competitive spreads on all forex pairs, commodities and indices. You can also expect tight...
  6. S

    (Discuss) NAS Broker SCAM

    Do not open account in this broker They are real scammers No transparency Impossible to withdraw money They require lots for withdrawals but not send money Lost time and money Support null, do not reply to emails Real shit Best regards
  7. sgtmarkets

    (Discuss) Types of market analysis of SGT Markets broker

    Generally each action aiming at determining the current situation and attempting to predict future price developments can be called market analysis. In the former paragraph I wrote about two analysis trends – technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis is divided into different...
  8. J

    (ask) Broker with an Account with a minimal position size of 0.001 lots

    I am looking for a broker with a minimal position size of 0.001 lot and that it isn´t a market maker.
  9. N

    (Req) Pipstrider Modification

    Ea not going well,Please make it compatible with 5 decimal broker.
  10. P

    (ask) Looking for Arbitrage with NSDMarkets

    I have many arbitrage EA's, but i am looking for one who can prove me a successful arbitrage with NSDMarkets broker demo account, i am unable to find a good combination for profits generation. Looking for anyone can provide successfully working arbitrage on demo with NSDMarkets demo with...
  11. C

    (Help) need broker for fast scalping min trade duration 1 second (not arb)

    hi every one . i have tested last year two ea based on high volatility but the problem is when order send to server fast there some trade not all close very quick like 1 second or less its not arb but based on high volatility so is there a broker with no minimum deposit that accept this type of ea?
  12. adelzadeh

    (Share) What is margin & hedge margin ?

    HedgeMargin Brokers = [50-100] % not for Mathematics systems and Robots. Only for manual Scalping HedgeMargin Brokers = [0-25] % can be used for Mathematics systems and Robots ----------------------------------------------- Open your mt4 folder and go to View / StrategyTester / Choose Some...
  13. adelzadeh

    (Share) Myfxbook deleted all negative comments from the SynergyFX Broker

    Myfxbook also filters all comments. SynergyFX dishonestly continues: Negative Review Deleted On Myfxbook, the data comes directly from the broker, you see those 2 green arrows, trading privileges and track record verified. Channel Trader PRO System by channeltraderpro | Myfxbook got the...
  14. C

    (Req) please remove broker limitation on this ea

    hi guys i have found good ea still in beta test if there some skilled Professional can remove broker limitation on this ea i will be happy the rest of my life . if you do it backtest it with 10$ deposit
  15. F

    (Discuss) Starting a Forex broker to change the marketplace

    Hello all! I'm in the process of starting our own broker that will forever change the market. I'm looking for partners to join us now to make this happen. This is a game changer. Only interested in talking to serious people with proof of funds to discuss further. I can be reached on Skype at...
  16. F

    (Discuss) FXCM Litigtation

    My broker is associated with FXCM brokers. There is some bad news concerning FXCM about a class action alleging serious misconduct. My broker phoned me to ask if I am happy to stay with FXCM as the counter-party or would I prefer to move my account funds to them (my broker proper). This is...
  17. adelzadeh

    (Share) Instant Execution vs. Market Execution

    As you probably know, there are two kinds of orders in MetaTrader platform: pending orders and market orders. Pending orders can be either limit or stop and will be executed when the price reaches some predefined level. Market orders can be either of instant execution or of market execution. The...
  18. adelzadeh

    (Share) How to avoid broker's hidden fees

    When you invest online, the trade commission is likely the fee you’ll pay the most often, so it’s wise to pay the most attention to it. But don’t think it’s the only fee online investors have to pay. Brokers often charge a host of other fees, which, depending on your circumstance, can add up...
  19. adelzadeh

    (Share) How to Identify a True Ecn Broker ?

    Forex is a very lucrative market and it is attracting people everyday who are eager to invest their hard earned money and make it big in short span of time. Due to it's high interest among public, new Forex brokers are appearing in the market continuously. There are countless number of Forex...
  20. adelzadeh

    (Share) scalping EA Budak Ubat + live statement

    You can login to see this EA performance for live result(non-stop) Broker: FBS-Real-2 Acc no: 1132152 Investor password: syarief1234 Broker: FortFS-Real Acc no: 453376 Investor password: syarief1234 Broker: XM.COM-Real 9 Acc no: 13614008 Investor password: syarief1234 If there any of your...