1. adelzadeh

    (Share) Trading forex as a CFD

    A relatively new trading vehicle that has become extremely popular among investors and traders is the contract for difference or CFD. A CFD differs from many investment products in that it is a contract between a buyer and seller to settle the difference in cash based on the subsequent...
  2. P

    DDMarkets Forex Signals Provider for Traders

    DDMarkets been giving forex and commodities signals for two years. Unlike the signals you might be used to, the strategy for every signal is documented on the website with the chart that was used. Every update ddmarkets upload a new chart so you can actually see the progress of the signal from...
  3. B

    (Discuss) LMFX broker

    I am trading with another broker and want to switch to this broker to diversify my fund, this broker offer PAMM and CFDs trading. Any idea would be appreciated.
  4. M

    Ea's for CFD's (SP500, NASDAQ, DAX..)

    Dear ALL Probably all of EA's being discussed here regards Forex and in the limit Gold, Silver and oil commodities. But many brokers already allow trading Indexes and Stocks in the form of CFD's. Then which are the best settings from the famous EA's here in the forum to trade certain cfd's...