1. adelzadeh

    (Share) hard profit {amazing}

    TF :H1/h4/daily Euro/Usd DEPOSIT: 50 or 100 $ max spread 30 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- max spread:5 H4
  2. F

    (Discuss) Starting a Forex broker to change the marketplace

    Hello all! I'm in the process of starting our own broker that will forever change the market. I'm looking for partners to join us now to make this happen. This is a game changer. Only interested in talking to serious people with proof of funds to discuss further. I can be reached on Skype at...
  3. B

    (Req) Value Migration: How to Think Several Moves Ahead of the Competition

    Will be highly obliged if some of us could share the book "Value Migration: How to Think Several Moves Ahead of the Competition (Management of Innovation and Change) " by Adrian J. Slywotzky Thanks in advance
  4. D

    (Help) Need help to change an expert advisor

    Somebody could help me put a fixed stoploss in this EA, so every time an order was opened, a stoploss would automatically be placed taking over the damage in case the market went against the other hand. *Obs: I do not want to change any function, just add a stoploss option.
  5. D

    (Help) Change of an EA

    Hi, I would like to know if you make a change in my EA. It already does automatic TP so it gets some profit when the market comes back *In the opposite direction, and also closes open positions when the market is moving in the opposite direction and is doing harm. The problem is that usually He...
  6. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) Xag/usd, silver

    Hello traders, in my opinion this pair should trade in this direction, BUY : on Daily chart we have an Elliott Wave cycle who is done, after 5 waves. I put Fibonacci Retracement and the price now is near 61.8 fibo level. On MACD we have a bullish divergence and on a lower time frame H4 also the...
  7. K

    (Req) help with indicator

    can you please someone put a warning and a popup when the indicator drops or rises and then is going to change direction ? thanks all use it on the contrary could give good profits
  8. Wothor

    (Share) Warrior Trading PDF's

    Here's a back door to what looks like there courses in PDF. You can also change the 2014 to other years and look at other stuff. Have fun :p
  9. D

    (Help) Help with EA Manager

    hey guys i was wondering if you could help me find an ea manager? -one that would close all my buy orders at a certain amount of $ but keep my sell orders still open until they also meet a certain amount of $ -also where i can change the amount of $ it should close buy/sell orders for every new...
  10. A

    (Share) Adri-EA-mix

    hi,this EA is based whit: 2 EMA´s indi (you can change this two EMA´s of your choice) and 1 SMA Filter (this SMA you can change only the period or put to 0 if you do not want to use this SMA FILTER) Stochastic Indi RSI Indi CCI ind Indicator Variables Change...
  11. I

    (Help) Do withdraws change drawdowns

    hello dear trader... i cant speake english good excusme for it... i have an account in mql5 website... my drawdown is 7 %.. My question is: If I withdraw some money of my account this withdraw change my drawdown(any drawdown The maximum,Absolute and Relative drawdown). i use mt4. Can anyone help...
  12. P

    (Help) Add alert

    Add alert when colour change
  13. A

    (ask) Change MT4 chart date [Paying]

    Hi, Is there anyway to change MT4 chart date so it would look like its 2010 instead of 2015? This is to try bypassing the expiry trial restriction on a indicator that has expired today. Will pay $200+ if someone can help asap.
  14. C

    (Share) Win10

    my new system for scalpers:) Long enter: green arrow + shows "TREND BLUE UP ARROW". stoploss 35 /when "TREND" change. tp 10 .i tested Eurusd.good result.5time frame.u can check others. Opposite forShort.:)
  15. P

    (Req) MarketHours indicator

    I have an indicator MarketHours.ex4 - It is an old ex4 indicator and I wish to modify the default input time session settings myself with meta-editor as daylight saving comes and goes over all charts in a workspace without having to manually change for each chart. Could someone please assist...
  16. A

    coding ea from a consistent indicator

    Hello, Lately I have been using 1 elite indicator from forex tsd, its giving consistent pips weekly and monthly. Its simple and not many parameter setting. Its a buy and sell kind of indi. Can any coder please code this indi to a simple ea? The ea open trades when indi change of color, buy...
  17. M

    Renko Street MTF (HELP)

    I know nothing about coding. Could this indicator be modified so you could change the location of it? Thanks for any help.
  18. N

    Help to change this indicator to mq4

    Pleae help me to change this indicator to .mq4. Or create the tempale. Thanks millions. Please post here: Check your file first as described in Post 1 of...
  19. E

    Change EA indicator

    Hi, please i need help for someone to change the indicator used in this EA with the attached indicator with the same functions of the EA. Thanks in Advance.
  20. S

    change color

    ( Help ) I would like to ask your help to make this into mq4 file, because I want to change the colors in this indicator ... thank you