1. S

    (Share) wave dots and binary indicator modified

    i found on internet these 2 indicator, today is Saturday so i can't check its performance now, i want to know if anyone used it before pls share his/her comments.
  2. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) Crude Oil Prices Drop as Yellen Comments Outweigh OPEC Optimism

    Talking Points: Gold price drop gains momentum after hawkish Yellen comments Crude oil prices erase OPEC-inspired gains as US Dollar surges OPEC headline risk, rig count figures in focus into the week-end Gold prices accelerated downward once again after hawkish comments from Fed...
  3. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) Important pairs November 17/2016

    USD/JPY spearheaded on Wednesday following the BOJ’s open market operation. The Bank committed itself to buy unlimited amounts of JGBs of specific maturities in September. Today we witnessed the first shot of the BOJ’s yield control policy that resulted in the immediate weakening in the yen...
  4. T

    (Discuss) My New Trading Robot Expert Advisor

    Please check my new trading system results. Don't forget to leave your comments here.
  5. D

    (Discuss) OB FeniX

    Hello, does anyone have experience with Ob Fenix? The website is in italian language. Their Facebook page: Their website: Ob Fenix | Godtrading There are positive comments on facebook but I don't know if they are fake.
  6. nck111

    (Req) forex fury

    starting inquiring about that ea ,seems having good press,anyone willing to share it ? or comments about it ? ,i know that is a grid trading system but know no more than that Forex Fury
  7. D


    Dear traders and friends give me your comments its good indicator? thank you advance DHanu
  8. D

    Ichiplus ea

    Dear traders and EA coders i am share free EA give me your comments and best set results thank you Advance DHanu
  9. D

    Anyone use this MM4x system?

    This system is Blacklisted. No pictures or comments please./Peachy
  10. B

    (Req) Alex Profit EA

    Hello to the community, has anyone tried this EA found on mql-Market? Reviews and comments sound good. Could it be worth to try? Thx for your help. Bulli
  11. V

    Pulse Detector EA V5.2

    Fully functional EA for demo account available by registering at website Has Fxbook account Grid/Martingale/Hedge Has settings for TP, SL, Max Orders, Hedge On Off Kindly post your comments
  12. A

    Discrepancies in IronFX Pillar 3 reports

    Further to the information published on Forex Magnets report about this fraud allegations against Iron FX, many visitors mad very good comments, one of the comments I stopped at is talking about discrepancies in 2012 fingers the discrepancy is very Cleary comparing the figures of 2012 in the...
  13. A

    ( REQ ) Fx-Bit multi-currency system

    hello friends, anyone have this robot or have comments? regards
  14. T

    Interactive Brokers

    Any comments about the interacive brokers? I am thinking so signup with them.
  15. D

    what about Madtrader 8.7 live ????

    DEAR MEMBERS AND EA CODE MASTERS Madtrader 8.7 live?? give me your comments? its possible? thank you advance DHanu
  16. S

    Xox ea

    Does anyone has tried this robot: XOX EA link : The results are produce impressive 115% per month ? It is tested in real FPA but for now, there are no comments ...
  17. C

    (REQ) PZ Chipmunk EA Monitoring: PIN: 0531 Comments: Its predecessor: PZGoldfinch EA MQ4...
  18. A

    Quick Technical Analysis by ACFX 08/08/2013

    EURUSD Pivots R3 1.34452 R2 1.33951 R1 1.33653 Pivot Point 1.33152 S1 1.32854 S2 1.32253 S3 1.32055 Comments Trend: Upwards RSI: Above 50 and over brought Bollinger Band: Positive GBPUSD Pivots R3 1.59358 R2 1.57333 R1 1.56099 Pivot Point 1.54074 S1 1.52840 S2 1.50815 S3...
  19. C

    %90 Accurate Binary Option Indicator Building

    I posted couple of comments in existing threads that reaching %90 by binary options is possible. There are lots of indicators on the market which claim that they have broken the binary option secret etc.. Result is really poor and not giving expected trading success. Several methods are...
  20. F

    Ea - vsmtg-h1

    Anyone working with this EA:,4858,2.html Any comments?