1. B

    (Req) Please decompile this copy trading ea

    Hello everyone, I found an ea which can copy trade very efficiently. Can anyone decompile it as it only work in demo account. Thank you,
  2. V

    (Discuss) iFXCopy | Free - Instant Auto Copy Service

    Dear Traders and Follower, Free - Instantly copying what another Forex trader does 1. Choose a broker , open an account and fund least $200 2. Choose a trader (‘Master’) you want to copy 3. Start the automatic copying 4. Get the same results as your Master 5. There are no hidden charges or...
  3. S

    (Req) Copy trade

    I Need copy trader EA plz any body share it which is best and free Thanks
  4. M

    (Discuss) about myfxbook copy trade

    hello i want use myfxbook copy signal, in my account pair is this form:EURUSDz and in signal provider account is this form:EURUSD my guestion : myfxbook system can open position?
  5. D

    (Req) Need an indicator that can copy object from any timeframe chat to offline chart in MT

    Need an indicator that can copy object from any timeframe chat to offline chart in MT I need an indicator, script or EA that can copy objects (like Trendline, horizontal line ) from any time frame to offline chart (eg H1 to H2) in mT4 Appreciate if someone can share it here.
  6. Astarfleir

    (Share) Reversal Krieger System

    Hello, Does anyone have or has used the Reversal Krieger System? Any feedback? Is there a copy to share/test? Thanks
  7. H

    (Req) Strategy Quant

    Please share if anybody has a copy
  8. S

    (Req) REQ: FX Synergy Trade Manager

    Hi does anyone have a educated copy of this trade manager that makes life easier when you are trading?
  9. H

    (Discuss) Copy Buffett Software honest Review

    Hello traders, Below is a video we posted on youtube recently warning about the copy buffett software making the rounds now. I hope no one is caught by this because the very name alone is a big red flag. You can already see unedited feedback starting to stack up in the comments...
  10. peachy

    (ask) Can anybody identify this Currency Meter

    Hello, I have a copy of a currency meter. I do not know who originally developed it. I am looking for the Real Name and if anybody could share a pdf or instruction manual. Here is a picture of it.
  11. V

    Share (Signal)

    Hi found this signal Vendor has 2 accounts one only EU other EU and GU Vendors account details with Password available on website Can use trade copy What do you think PS Sorry moderators I could find forum for signals
  12. M

    Digital copy of IBD newspaper (eIBD)?

    Hi guys, Do you guys have a digital copy of the IBD newspaper (eIBD) for the CAN SLIM system of William O'Neil that you could share? eIBD, the Digital Edition of Investor's Business Daily I'm considering joining their service but I'd like to see how it looks, the kind of information it's got...
  13. M

    Renko Street v2.0

    Sales Page: RenkoStreet V 2.0 Trading System | Simpler and Lighter DL: COPY RIGHT
  14. N

    [REQ] Multicopier EA. help needed to educate this

    hi, i have found a good copier ea with which you can copy trades from one master to slave mt4..kindly help to educate this ea as the demo version deosnot copy buy or sell pending orders. with kind regards to download follow this link
  15. rihan

    Orange forex expert advisor

    Hi there. Pretty please help me. I am looking for a copy of orange forex robot.
  16. M

    mt4 multiterminal

    hi all. i have 3 account with same broker. i would like to ask you if it's possible to copy trade from 1 account to other using mt4 multiterminal as master and slave. thanks
  17. peachy

    Where Can I purchase a Real Copy of a EX4 Decompiler

    I would like to find or purchase a Decompiler for EX4, I appreciate all the great people that help here in the forum, but I hate to ask all the time. There are 3 or 4 great coders here, sometimes, I feel they are not appreciated. Lets give them some recognition, but I would like have a...
  18. S

    Does Anyone Have A Copy of Forex Profit Heaper?

    Does Anyone Have A Copy of Forex Profit Heaper? I know that people have mixed reviews about it, but I want to see it for myself. Thanks.
  19. D

    FX Diver- A new way to look at the BB indicator!

    Greetings traders! Can someone please remove trial restrictions from this set of very useful indicators? The trial period expires on the 12th October 2013. Thanks in advance. for instructions on how to install and use the following: the authorization code: FreeTrial @ pimpmyea trial period...
  20. V

    PowerTradeCopier - the benefits

    Thank you for your interest in the MT4 copier . You can download fully functional free trial here : PowerTradeCopier is professional Forex account copier with no analog. PowerTradeCopier copies orders between from one (or multiple ) MT4 terminal into one (or...