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    (Discuss) Consult

    Thanks for your input in advance! Guy's, anyone familiar with this: http://xxx.binarytradeconsult.cOm/ They sent me this after requesting info: DEAR ESTEEMED CUSTOMER, WARM WELCOME TO BINARY TRADE CONSULT. _REF:_ CUSTOMER CARE OFFICE OF THE TRADE STABILIZER DECODER WITH ROBOT...
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    fx DEcoder

    hi, all just a warning from me. i bought resitenly a "course/product" called fx decoder beside the $3,997 for the package, you need to jion the decoder forex club aswell for $197 a month. so you just got a bunch of eas then if you want to learn how to use it well you have to jion the club...
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    Forex Decoder EA

    Hi Guys, Dose anyone have this one? Smokey22