1. M

    (ask) please can you convert mq5 to mq4

    can you convert mq5 to mq4 i have only mt4 on my broker. Thanks in advance Max I hava error when i tried to upload the file so i have the source code. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| UniversalOscillator.mq5...
  2. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) GBP/JPY Daily

    The formation of the cypher pattern is complete. On lower time frames we can wait for double tops to form and then enter this trade. We have to wait on lower chart for example 4H to have a good entry to use a small STOP LOSS.
  3. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: Trying to Clear Path Below 0.84

    EUR/GBP Technical Strategy: Short at 0.8994 Euro sinks to 2-month low vs. Pound, aims to clear path below 0.84 Short trade in play as prices try to extend worst drop in almost 2 years The Euro has dropped to the lowest level in two months against the British Pound, with prices...
  4. J

    (Help) T3 dashboard

    Hi, I'm traying to make a dashboard from this T3 indicator. If the slope is up the colour prints up and viceversa. I have written this code, but I get this error. Could someone, please, have a look to this code and tell me what it's wrong in it???? double slopeD1 =...
  5. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) Here's How Employers Are Gearing Up for New U.S. Overtime Rules

    U.S. employers are watching the clock. With federal rules expanding paid overtime eligibility set to take effect next month, business leaders are making moves to contain future costs, according to a New York Federal Reserve Bank survey. The new regulation, finalized in May by the Labor...
  6. adelzadeh

    (Share) sweet spot

    One of the most widely overlooked areas of trading is market structure. Developing a keen understanding of market structure and its dynamics can help day traders to gain an unbelievable advantage. Developing a feel and understanding for market dynamics is key to profitably taking advantage of...
  7. O

    (Help) Edit Expert Advisor

    Please i need to help Please . can you add another moving average . Median . Fore example : FastPeriod=10 MedianPeriod=50 SlowPeriod=100 Open order when moving average 10 cross moving average 100 . Close last order when moving average 10 cross moving average 50 . Loop More explain : When...
  8. F

    (Help) How to get indicator to read from Daily Chart?

    I get array out of range when i try to pull info from a chart im not backtesting on... double CalcFibo2() { int LowBar = 0, HighBar= 0; double LowValue = 0 ,HighValue = 0; int lowest_bar = iLowest(NULL,0,MODE_LOW,BarsBack2,StartBar); int highest_bar =...
  9. T

    (Discuss) Double Inside Bar - VertexFX

    Double Inside Bar is a Client Side VTL indicator. Double inside bar is a price action candles stick pattern where two inside bars form immediately. An inside bar is a bar whose high is less than the high of the previous bar and low is greater than the low of previous bar. The Double Inside bar...
  10. J

    (Help) please decompile . Thank you

    string FeederTick; string TraderTick; void OnTick() { while(IsStopped() == false) { RefreshRates(); string InpFileName1=""; string InpFileName2=""; string InpFileName3=""; if(Symbol() == "EURUSD") { InpFileName1="status.txt"; InpFileName2="tick.txt"...
  11. C

    (Req) DoubleTopDoubleBottom Indicator

    Friends, anyone have any double top double bottom chart pattern indicator, then please share here. Thanks in advance.
  12. B

    Could use some help cleanig up my mess of an EA

    Hi everyone. I have working (searching the forum) the last few weeks and managed to pull together an EA that does not compile errors any more but the structure of it is all wrong and because is not executing at the proper times. I was hoping some kind soul could take a look and help me to...
  13. M

    Help with setting max orders

    Hi everyone, would any of you experienced coders be able to help me add an input to set a max orders to this script that will not open news orders after "x" that relate to the this pair and magic number? I really appreciate any help on this. extern double lots=0.1; extern double target=4; int...
  14. alessandromagno

    high-frequency EA

    Found this in a russian forum. It opens many pending orders, as a tick scalper usually does. It is very profitable until the DD become high.. Maybe you would try it. This works with stop orders This work with limit orders From russian language i paste here the settings: extern double...
  15. A

    Ilan New Filter Ea

    Suggest adviser on the basis of Ilan, only there is a filter for H1, H4, D1, on the basis of the signal filter, Ilan trades only down or up only. In the settings you can adjust the filter settings, and the settings of Ilan. According to the test results adviser takes good profit with minimal...
  16. R

    Could you please help me to get this ea works on MT4 digital 5 or 4

    Hi All, Could you please help me to get this ea works on MT4 digital 5 or 4, and if possible to limit the Trades open position with Max trade option and her is the Code: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //|...
  17. K

    Please help to code a Function

    I am a beginner in programming. I want to write a function that calculates the profit of the first and the last two buy orders ( other Funktion for Sell orders ) . Here is my code : double Profit3Buy() { int total=0; double Amount1B = 0 ; double...
  18. M

    (Sharing) Solid Double Bar :p:):p:):p:):p:D:D:D:D:D:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool: Enjoy-
  19. V

    A little help to an Ea

    Hi everybody, i need help with an Ea that i can't compile. In the begining the code has : string SymbolsArray[0], CurrentSymbol; bool canSell[0], canBuy[0], bullish[0], bearish[0]; bool Inited[0], DayStart[0], inited=false; bool tradingAllowed=false; double Pivot[0]; double Resist1[0]...
  20. D

    help me to find the LOGIC behind this indicator code

    pls... #property indicator_chart_window #property indicator_buffers 3 #property indicator_color1 Green #property indicator_color2 Red #property indicator_color3 Red extern bool Sound.Alert = TRUE; double g_ibuf_80[]; double g_ibuf_84[]; int init() { SetIndexStyle(0, DRAW_ARROW, EMPTY, 3)...