1. suttos

    (Req) Fxnt999

    Has anybody bought this EA yet and can share their results. I cant possibly see how they can be legit. Somehow they get fills with FX Giants that are 5 pips BETTER than any of my ECN brokers at exactly the same time FX NEWS TRADER – Forex News & Volatility EA
  2. H

    (Discuss) Innovative connector

    Version 2016, new version 2017. FIX-API MT4 vs MT4 Fast mt4 broker AXI-trader pro ECN, Tickmill ECN slow mt4 A-market instant execution, Accent fx instant execution, Demo only on live this is old version for test new version $5$$. Download Innovative Connector 2016.7z from - send...
  3. kam2011

    (Req) Trade Assistant (Full Auto)

    hi pros After many years in manual and auto trading (EA running) , I'm very pleased to introduce this EA Assistant idea , if spend good time and work on it , will produce good profit even would use wisely on liquidity market times and low spread & commission ECN brokers . it will not use any...
  4. T

    (Req) Need EA FXUMI ECN. It use artificial intelligence !!!

    Hello, I've been monitoring their activities for a while until they released version EA FXUMI ECN (this name of the signal). I must say that I am very interested in this type of this EA because it can use the hard stop loss with win rate very high 90% in this time. They say that EA uses an...
  5. adelzadeh

    (Share) How to Identify a True Ecn Broker ?

    Forex is a very lucrative market and it is attracting people everyday who are eager to invest their hard earned money and make it big in short span of time. Due to it's high interest among public, new Forex brokers are appearing in the market continuously. There are countless number of Forex...
  6. R

    (Req) EA Working good with ECN But need modification

    Dear All, The EA working with ECN. But need modify. Maximum of trades success. But any 1 trade failed. $3.00 x 10 =$30 profit $25.00 x 1 = $25 Loss any one please modify the EA indicator settings. Time Frame M1 EURUSD best and work all pairs ECN is good.
  7. T

    (Req) IB Volume trader

    Dear members and colleagues, I've been to much time out from our forum, who is remembering me for sure knows about my honestly and unlimited helpful stuff to all traders! I am General Manager of one big europian FX Broker now (ill not add the name as i don't want to advertise it) So, my...
  8. I


    About FxGrow FxGrow is an international online brokerage firm under the brand name of Growell Capital, catering the needs and interests of investors. Powered by the STP & ECN It’s our cutting-edge technology that makes a difference FxGrow strives to provide the traders with the best possible...
  9. I

    Ecn robot

    Free ECN Robot here Is Link for Download Keep visit this Thread i will bring more and more Stuff.
  10. N

    [req] ecn ea

    Hi, Hello, could anyone share this Ea please? Thank you
  11. quintana

    old keltner ea need ECN compatible

    can you make it ECN compatible Thanks seems good ea for audusd 5 mn
  12. M

    Can anyone share these two EAs!

    GOLD ECN EA And IronScalper: Maybe a scam, but not sure:)
  13. B

    req.ecn robot

    pls does anyone ve any good and working ecn robot to share
  14. D

    Have questions about ea hope someone can help

    Hi, Just wake up and since today is sat, i have nothing to do this 2 days so thinking of bt some ea if anyone here willing to share. I looking for any ea with a monthly return of 5% to 10% profit. DD must be low. Can be any type of strategies. If you are willing to share just let me know. But...
  15. P

    Anybody help ne how to istall ECN Robot in Newly changed MT4

    Hello Anybody please inform me how to install ECN Robot which uses Master MT4 and Slave Mt4 in newly Modified MT4 terminal. This is my humble request to help ECN Robot users.
  16. P

    Please recommend any Broker and good settings in MT4 to run FX ECN robot

    Please recommend any Broker and good settings in MT4 to run FX ECN robot Hello friends and Experts Recently I happened to know about FX ECN Robot from my friend he is using in Alpariforexlimited getting very good percentage daily.From last 3 days he said broker stopped FX ECN robot from being...
  17. G

    [Req] Vergil Gold Scalp

    Anyone has vergil gold scalp ea. if you have please share here. Vergil Gold Scalper EA is totally Gold (XAUUSD) Trading Expert advisor and its Smart Technology trading robot, developed for use with the Meta Trader 4 platform...
  18. H

    Vergil Hedge EA

    Hello, have someone this EA or could code an EA with this functions? Thanks in Advance! Greetings, halobungie Vergil Hedge Expert - Performance This Expert Advisor for the Metatrader 4 platform will open hedging trades automatically when you are showing a loss in a current trade. Hedging in...
  19. L

    A thread for PathFinder Trader Expert Advisor Sharing

    Because Pathfinder Trader looks like a very interesting tool for ECN traders.
  20. T

    [REQ] ECN FX Robot

    Hi guys Anybody have the below or have tried it? Thanks