1. J

    (Share) 200++ EA and backtested waiting for you. (All Free)

    I developed a website and back-tested about 200++ EA. All EA tested with Eurusd, Gbpusd, Usdjpy. All EA are free to download. Everyday i will backtest 1-2 EA and update it. URL: thanks
  2. R

    (Share) SAFE OPTION STRATEGIES-Jeffrey Duniyon knows how to trade with zero risk

    SAFE OPTION STRATEGIES-Jeffrey Duniyon knows how to trade with zero risk Learn the Right Way to Trade Never lose money again You have come to the right spot. Watch this class and learn the secrets of Risk Free Trading. It will change the way to look at the markets forever YouTube...
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    (Share) Valuable indicators

    Download some valuable indicators FREE Rocket -
  4. N

    (Share) Forex Neural Profits System

    Download FREE Forex Neural Profits System -
  5. peep

    (Share) 2017 Filter Grid EA

    Found this new EA. I think it is free, it works so far on my account Here is website for free download (replace xxx with www) I uploaded the EA on this link Dropbox - Dropbox -
  6. V

    (Discuss) iFXCopy | Free - Instant Auto Copy Service

    Dear Traders and Follower, Free - Instantly copying what another Forex trader does 1. Choose a broker , open an account and fund least $200 2. Choose a trader (‘Master’) you want to copy 3. Start the automatic copying 4. Get the same results as your Master 5. There are no hidden charges or...
  7. S

    (Req) Copy trade

    I Need copy trader EA plz any body share it which is best and free Thanks
  8. suttos

    (Discuss) Free EA Creators

    Hi, Apologies if this is the wrong forum but does anybody have any experience with or can recommend any of the free Forex EA creators out there. I mean those software tools where you input the variabls and it creates the EA for you? Are they easy to use? Is there a sting in the tail? I have a...
  9. B

    (Discuss) Free Advisors MyfxPlay

    Hey guys! Few weeks ago I've come across Free Forex Store | Best EA robots and trader signals in Forex market | which provide free advisors. And I'm really impressed that it's not a scam. :eek: I just wondering if anybody use it? And could you tell what trading style and risk are u...
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    (Share) Find FREE Forex E-books

    I am sharing an amazing source of free Forex education with you guys. Free e-books, Forex signals, Forex articles, analyses, etc. Please find a collection of free Forex E-books here.
  11. adelzadeh

    (Share) {2017} Top 5 Forex Trading Secrets (Forex Trading Robot Included)

    Top 5 Forex Trading Secrets (Forex Trading Robot Included) | Udemy You'll know 5 the most hidden secrets on Forex & get MT4 Forex Robot from hedge fund professional Forex trader for FREE! With the Course You'll Get FREE Famous Profitable Forex Robot - FTSystem! In this Udemy course you'll...
  12. W

    (Discuss) Safe and genuine way to trade forex profitable long term

    Hello guys i thought to post up my ea results in myfxbook to get a feedback from the forum and see what you all think. please feel free to reply with some improvements or ideas you may have from looking at the results. I want to add this ea will work in any market even this current chaotic...
  13. M

    (Share) Forex Bank Free

    Hello All, Here is EA Bank free, test it and feedback your thoughts. Regards,
  14. adelzadeh

    (Share) NinjaTrader 7.0.1000.33

    NinjaTrader is an application for advanced charting, market analytics, system development and trade simulation. STANDARD FEATURES Advanced Charting Trade Simulation Strategy Backtesting Real-Time Scanner Market Playback Custom C# NinjaScript Development DATA, ADD-ONS & EDUCATION Free EOD...
  15. dawillsta

    (Req) Yvan Byeajee, "The Essence of Trading Psychology In One Skill"

    Yvan Byeajee, "The Essence of Trading Psychology In One Skill" If anyone has could share that would be great. Its free for amazon kindle account, if someone uploads, I will try to convert for others and repost. Thanks
  16. M

    (Share) free scalper

    hello please share a scalper expert,it work with 30$
  17. Forex Protect

    Free Forex Signals

    Hi The idea behind our service is to provide registered users Free Forex Signals. We focus on technical analysis, as a way to bring information provided by us are the most reliable and facilitate efficient investment in the Forex market. Join us and use the knowledge and experience of the...
  18. eevviill

    Sell indicator Volli

    Hello. I am selling indicator Volli. Indicator based on unique method of building zones based on volumes(DVZ). Also there is correlation dashboard(Correla) integrated in 7-th version. After buying Volli, you will recive Correla for free. Contacts are in description of Volli when you attach...
  19. F

    FxMath Harmonic Patterns Signals By Email

    Dear Traders, I would like introduce one our most popular free service in our website. If you are interested to advanced concept of Harmonic Patterns, you can join to our free trade signals according Harmonic Patterns. We generate and deliver this free signals by Email and Telegram Channel...
  20. D

    (Share) Good comercial EAs for free - myfxplay

    Hi guys, I have found very good service with a lot of profitable Forex robots and the main thing is that it is free for traders. Just want to share it with you - Free Forex Store | Best EA robots and trader signals in Forex market | On the website they said that it is not hacked EAs...