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    (Discuss) gold technical analysis and wedge break out

    Gold Technical Outlook is expected today from gold pattern after the breark of the Wedge pattern Fast and sharp and during a strong price movement penetrated the gold price of the rising wedge pattern strength on the direction of gold prices and the outlook for gold today's technical analysis...
  2. H

    Gold Today

    Due to sluggish movement of the dollar, this has been a good opportunity for the gold. Recently, I have read in Gold in its Peak, that the reason behind it is that after the U.S. military launched cruise missile strikes in Syria? How that happen? Is this really related with the economy?
  3. Andora Andrei

    Gold Prices Rise as Markets Press on With Trump Trade Unwind

    Gold prices returned to the offensive amid cooling Fed rate hike speculation. The US Dollar declined alongside benchmark US Treasury bond yields and the priced-in 2017 policy path implied in Fed Funds futures flattened a bit. Not surprisingly, this stocked support for anti-fiat assets...
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    (Share) gold ea

    for those who trade who trade use this either on demo or live account
  5. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) GOLD possible scenario

    Good afternoon dear traders ! On daily chart Gold is in a good zone to buy. He is between a good support line at :1211.62 and the price hit second tp on Fibonacci Expansion. How we know the Gold price depend very much what US dollar do. So like everyone i expected a long sell on US dollar and...
  6. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) Gold Price Volatility May Return on Trump Cabinet News

    Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said it is “highly probable” that OPEC countries will reach consensus, according to comments made to the government’s Shana news service. Separately, Russian President Vladimir Putin said there are no major obstacles left to agreement. OPEC has sought...
  7. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) Crude Oil Prices Drop as Yellen Comments Outweigh OPEC Optimism

    Talking Points: Gold price drop gains momentum after hawkish Yellen comments Crude oil prices erase OPEC-inspired gains as US Dollar surges OPEC headline risk, rig count figures in focus into the week-end Gold prices accelerated downward once again after hawkish comments from Fed...
  8. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) Natural Gas Daily chart breakout or Breakdown Trade

    Good afternoon traders ! Go Long if price breaks and holds above 2.870 level ( GREEN LINE).......with a TGT Profit @ level 1.165 (GOLD LINE) Go Short if price breaks and holds below 2.517 level (RED LINE).......with a TGT Profit @ level 2.283 (GOLD LINE)
  9. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) Gold prices descend further in Asia

    On Friday, gold prices dived further in Asia, as market sentiment moved into bear territory ahead of an expected Fed rate lift next month as well as a strong greenback curbed buying interest. In New York, December delivery gold futures dropped 0.85%, hitting 1,206.55 per troy ounce. Meanwhile...
  10. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) Good morning traders

    In my opinion, Gold is looking for a buy, because on daily charts we have a bullish divergence on MACD., and the price is going to do another lower to complete his bullish divergence on lower time frame, h4 . We have important news on US dollar today so keep an eye on our forex news to see what...
  11. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) Gold prices rise in Asia

    On Tuesday, gold prices ascended moderately during Asia trade, with market participants waiting for remarks from Fed Chair Janet Yellen this week supposed to offer a harder view on a widely expected rate lift next month. In New York, December delivery gold futures added 0.23%, being worth...
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    (Share) Daily Market Analysis Daily Market Analysis Market pauses for AUD data It's a big day for the Australian economy as it continues to find movements from fundamentals rather than technical's. In this case, the cash rate statement and the rate statement are likely to take centre stage for the AUDUSD...
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    (Help) Trading Gold

    Hi there, I have 2 questions regarding trading Gold, that i hope you can help me: When trading in Gold, what are the relevant news that we must be aware and follow? What is the best broker to trade Gold. I have FXPro, but the spread is between 34/41? Best regards and keep the good trades...
  14. FXTechstrategy

    (Discuss) Daily Technical Strategy On Currencies & Commodities

    GOLD Looks For Directional Bias GOLD: Though vulnerable to the downside on correction, the commodity is now looking for directional bias on the daily chart. On the downside, support comes in at the 1,260.00 level where a break will turn attention to the 1,250.00 level. Further down, a cut...
  15. FXTechstrategy Team

    (Discuss) GOLD Sets Up To Pullback On Correction

    GOLD: With GOLD rejecting higher level prices to close lower the past week, further bearishness is envisaged. On the downside, support comes in at the 1,240.00 level where a break will turn attention to the 1,230.00 level. Further down, a cut through here will open the door for a move lower...
  16. adelzadeh

    (Share) [2009] Daniel O'Sullivan [Petromania: Black gold, paper barrels and oil price bubble]

    [2009] Daniel O'Sullivan [Petromania: Black gold, paper barrels and oil price bubble] Petromania: Black gold, paper barrels and oil price bubbles: Daniel O'Sullivan: 9781906659240: Books The spike in the oil price to almost $150 per barrel in summer 2008 was the last great excess...
  17. adelzadeh

    (Share) [2015] Willem Middelkoop [The Big Reset: War on Gold and the Financial Endgame]

    [2015] Willem Middelkoop [The Big Reset: War on Gold and the Financial Endgame] The Big Reset: War on Gold and the Financial Endgame: Willem Middelkoop: 9789462980273: Books A system reset seems imminent. The world's financial system will need to find a new anchor before the year...
  18. S

    (Discuss) Commodity Gold tips: Know when you should buy / sell..!

    Just keep 1094-1104.2 resistance levels in your mind. If it’ll break 1094 level then buyers will pause-up the gold up to 1103 and if that close above 1104.2 once then nobody can stop it to move up. And yes, later on it can break 1122-1140+ levels. When should you sell Gold? Keep your eyes on...
  19. D

    (Req) Gold bot

    Another EA from MQL5 Community that seems profitable, with 99% Quality: GOLD BOT. Author's page: His website: | EXPERT ADVISORS for FOREX and GOLD The price is low 199 USD. he also offer free versions of other Gold EAs The Expert...
  20. murcu1

    (Share) happy gold 1.1

    Does anyone have this system that division thanks