1. F

    Sharing My Daily Signal

    Hey all, Here I want to share my trading by providing the signal. If anyone wishes to follow the given signal, you must comply with the prescribed conditions such as money management, take profit point & pending order. The given signal is not too difficult, just by putting the pending order...
  2. F

    (Share) Update on intraday usdcad forecast

    What had I shown in my chart before 2 hours ago?if you forgot it just scrolled down or click here… Target have been achieved, USDCAD index hit 1.34550 level.
  3. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) US Equities and USD Gains On Counterparts Losses Will Have Limits

    US stocks extended their run with S&P 500, Dow and Russell 2000 hitting concurrent records for first time since 1999 Divergences in performance for speculative assets and regions points to a vampiric US strength at counterparts' loss The Dollar meanwhile capped its remarkable rally at a...
  4. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) GOLD possible scenario

    Good afternoon dear traders ! On daily chart Gold is in a good zone to buy. He is between a good support line at :1211.62 and the price hit second tp on Fibonacci Expansion. How we know the Gold price depend very much what US dollar do. So like everyone i expected a long sell on US dollar and...
  5. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) Long and Short Technical Analysis Daily by Andora Andrei

    Before GBP/AUD 21. Nov. 2016 After : tp hit 60 pips
  6. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) Asia shares shaky as Trump bets keep emerging markets under pressure

    Asian shares were on the defensive on Monday, undermined by fears that the strength in the U.S. dollar and rising U.S. bond yields since Donald Trump's election to president could accelerate fund outflows from the region back to U.S. markets. Asian markets were steady to slightly lower, with...
  7. J

    (Help) Anti Spike Stoploss

    Does anyone know how to code an anti-spike stop loss to prevent huge spikes hit SL during big news?
  8. S

    (Share) pls add alert to this

    IF anyone can add this indicator ALERT to signal appear plsss.. when high low hit
  9. S

    (Share) Gold and Silver technical analysis for next week

    Look at the above silver daily chart, there's right arrow clearly indicating fictitious break of the silver and on next day it broke trendline & closed below it. That’s why we have seen big down fall. Now if silver close above to 14.815 level then we will see 15.100-15.400+ levels. And if it...
  10. F

    Can someone please fix this EA

    Hi, This ea is used for equity protection in combination with other ea. You can input profit and loss limits of equity and when limit is hit ea will close all orders and close other EA. The problem with ea equity guard is that it works only when mt4 is maximized. If its minimized or mt4 is...
  11. L

    My Trading Journey With My Friends

    From Tomorrow I will start my trading journal with my friends.I will give My live trading signals in there.I hope you guys help me to develop my journal.When i will post signal everyone will appreciate it and post comments like signal triggered,Sl hit and Tp hit Like These. Rules... When you...
  12. worldwide-invest

    Britain's economy could take a brief hit from floods across England

    The floods engulfing towns and countryside across southern England could be severe enough to dent Britain's strong economic recovery in the first months of this year - but not enough to derail it. Officials and independent analyst say the impact of the natural disaster will be seen over the...
  13. worldwide-invest

    Emerging markets selloff picks up, hitting Europe, US

    A full-scale flight from emerging market assets accelerated on Friday, setting global shares on course for their worst week this year and driving investors to safe-haven assets including U.S. Treasuries, the yen, and gold. Wall Street opened lower, extending selling to a second day. Concerns...
  14. william_3

    very slow navigation on WWI

    During the last 2 weeks I experienced very slow navigation on this forum. During the last 2-3 days some pages load in several mins. I hit the Refresh button several times, usually in vain. Thank you.
  15. B

    Eagle Cant Fly Higher?

    Eagle Materials (EXP) is currently thumping against a multi-year resistance zone shown on the chart below. The first hit was in 2006, while the second and third hit were this year. It seems that the 78 level is currently a bit tough to break and if 2006 is any guide, we may see a... Charts &...
  16. emitai

    News Hedge EA isn't woking as it should do

    It's from an indonesian forum. This EA works by hedging buy / sell together before the news release .. with strict SL .. if the news cause movements in the direction of the width of the one who will hit SL the other than will hit TP. You must enter the time where the news appears and for...
  17. W

    Please decompile this pending order EA

    Hi, please decompile this ea ,the ea will place pending order when a certain price hit. Thank you. wsuib.
  18. D

    [Ask] What ea or system is this?

    Anyone know what ea or system for the above attachment? FROM WHAT I KNOW IS THE EA IS A SEMI AUTO ONE. It will auto close all positions when it hit profit. To me it look like T101 basket trade. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  19. E

    (REQ) please make expert to that profitable scalping strategy

    Dear all of our great forum i have got trading strategy from another site and i tried it myself and for me it is really profitable and i want to share it with all of you my great friends in such wonderful forum and i would ask professional programmer to convert it to expert , it will be so...
  20. worldwide-invest

    Asian shares tumble as dollar gains, A$ slides

    The dollar hit a one-month high against a basket of currencies on Wednesday while Asian shares slid, hit by worries that the days of easy money from the U.S. Federal Reserve are numbered. Asian shares extended their losses after an official survey showed that growth in China's services sector...