1. S

    Profitable System ( 50-500% monthly)

    Hello traders I present my scalping with price action system. Is a system scalper-price action ( automatic)with neural trading. I have been working on this project for more than 2 years that finally comes to light. After many tests I can already say that it is profitable. He works in the major...
  2. V

    (Share) Very helping and usefull indicators based on(Wolfwave and trend Reversal)

    Very helping and usefull indicators based on(Wolfwave and trend Reversal) I found these indicators with good performance, so sharing with WWI members:
  3. N

    (Share) Promising Indicators and systems!!

    Hi All Would you guys tell me which are top 5 profitable indicators or systems in these indicators collection. MASTER 2 - trader binary Thanks In advance
  4. R

    (Req) Seven years, still could not find any profitable indicator!!! Can you help?

    Seven years, still could not find any profitable indicator!!! Can you help? Dear traders, (Forex and stock) It is nearly more than seven years, I have been trading, and searching the web, tried hundreds of indicators, strategies, discussions, self-made systems, even commercial systems, but...
  5. U

    (Discuss) holy grail scammers

    HI every one cheated by some one,they are putting videos online after contacting them they are giving neteller/skrill/western union to send money for huge amount after sneding the money they are keeping the mails in spam even they are not sending any indicators
  6. N

    (Share) Valuable indicators

    Download some valuable indicators FREE Rocket -
  7. R

    (Req) Tripple Play Indicators-a new look at market trend changes-a cool way to maxise profi

    Tripple Play Indicators-a new look at market trend changes-a cool way to maxise profi TRIPPLE PLAY INDICATORS it is a wonderful practical effective way of trading. trade daily charts. not much stress. ================================ I have seen this nice video by marketgauge about finding...
  8. sgtmarkets

    (Discuss) Types of market analysis of SGT Markets broker

    Generally each action aiming at determining the current situation and attempting to predict future price developments can be called market analysis. In the former paragraph I wrote about two analysis trends – technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis is divided into different...
  9. rainsome

    (Req) TheIndicatorVault Indicators

    Anyone has A) Scientific Scalper from Scientific Scalper & B) Chart Pattern Dashboard C) Harmonic Dashboard from TheIndicatorVault
  10. dmnik

    (Share) 7900 indicators

    7900 indicators 56,80MB download) Just a moment...
  11. M

    (ask) I need these books

    Can you help me fining these books: mark ursell How To Backtest a Trading Strategy Using Excel 21 More Technical Indicators: Program Great Trading Strategies Using Excel How to Calculate 21 Popular Indicators Using Excel: Become a Better Trader by Learning How to Program Your...
  12. W

    (Req) NOXA CSSA for Neuroshell

    I'm looking for the NOXA indicators for Neuroshell. I have NOXA CSSA version one, but loading the indicators locks up my Neuroshell (version 5.6). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Pannik

    (Share) 5 Minutes Scalping Manual System

    Hello, I make some indicators to build a manual system. I don't know if system is profitable or not. I don't test system in demo or real account. It consists of five indicators, I think is better to test it in M5 time frame and start of EURUSD chart. How set up it. Put .TPL file in...
  14. adelzadeh

    (Share) {2017} Richard Yamarone {Economic Indicator: Maximize Profits and Minimize Losses}

    {2017} Richard Yamarone {Economic Indicator: Maximize Profits and Minimize Losses} Wiley: The Economic Indicator Handbook: How to Evaluate Economic Trends to Maximize Profits and Minimize Losses - Richard Yamarone Analyze key indicators more accurately to make smarter market moves The...
  15. V

    (Req) Strategy Tester Required

    I need a good strategy tester for checking MT4 expert advisors and indicators, Please share.......TIA
  16. A

    (Share) 10000+ MT4 indicators and strategies

    None of the opinions or strategies presented on these to be mentioned websites are mine. This is a quick list of sites compiled that have free MT4 goodies to download. I know some will get pissed at me, but this was done in a matter of 50 minutes from a couple of google searches and i think it...
  17. M

    (Discuss) How many theories and (or) indicators do you need?

    I spend a lot of analytical work before the opening of transactions, because I try to share my knowledge on the forums. The basis of the analysis I use the theory of Elliott. But I never guided by only one confirmation of the forecast. I believe that the way to forecast accuracy is through the...
  18. R

    (Help) MT4 indicator EX4 prob

    I have an indicator (.ex4) that i use in trading forex but the indicator has stopped working, the indicator is free ( http :// ) but you need to activate the account for the indicator to work. And the indicator's creator just disappeared ( http...
  19. R

    (ask) Order possible programmer help me

    I want to communicate with the programmer indicators
  20. Andora Andrei

    (Discuss) GBP/AUD intraday sell 21. Nov. 2016

    Good morning traders, I m posting this analyze because I think is a god opportunity to book some profit. We have a bear divergence on MACD and RSI also, and the candlesticks market are with us, I hope to reach the TP. We don t have news in the next hours on this pairs. If everyone wants to...