1. H

    (Discuss) Innovative connector

    Version 2016, new version 2017. FIX-API MT4 vs MT4 Fast mt4 broker AXI-trader pro ECN, Tickmill ECN slow mt4 A-market instant execution, Accent fx instant execution, Demo only on live this is old version for test new version $5$$. Download Innovative Connector 2016.7z from - send...
  2. adelzadeh

    (Share) Instant Execution vs. Market Execution

    As you probably know, there are two kinds of orders in MetaTrader platform: pending orders and market orders. Pending orders can be either limit or stop and will be executed when the price reaches some predefined level. Market orders can be either of instant execution or of market execution. The...
  3. S

    instant mail notification doesn't work anymore? or just me?

    Hello since some days instant mail notification doesn't work anymore? or just me? i checked already my spamfolder ....but I never get any mails from WWI anymore.... thx for support
  4. V

    Need to code an EA

    Dear All, The Idea is 1. Open a sell order instant execution ( Under defined condition say close1 > close ) 2. Wait until orderopenprice is equal to ask 3. Open a buy order instant execution 4. Instantly Close all order when profit is more than XXX. 5. Additional we can have progressive...
  5. I

    (SHARE) Xtreme Binary Robot

    Found this too. Trend trending system for Binary Options. Maybe better than Instant Binary Profits. You be the judge. Good luck.
  6. J

    Instant cash back rebates

    $12 (per lot) Instant Cash Back Rebates Get Paid to Trade: INSTANT CASH BACK REBATES Always in touch with our clients' needs and wishes Trading Forex is introducing something really special that is certain to raise your trading experience to a whole new level. As your trading volume grows so...
  7. A

    Instant Profit Scalper - Nobody can share this system from KD ?

    Hi all Instant Profit Scalper - Nobody can share this system from KD ? Thanks in Advance when anybody can share this Scalper System
  8. G

    NEW: Best Instant Profit Scalper Anyone have this new KD indicator Please share it
  9. W

    Fan's Broker Review - Over 31 Brokers Reviewed !

    I've written this last month on another forum but seeing so much value here, I would like to chip in... Enjoy ! An 18-year-old friend introduced me to a forex broker - Exness - and my life has never been the same... Here's a sneak peek first on why this forex broker has raised the bar so high...
  10. G

    (Req) Instant Forex Secret

    Any body have Instant Forex Secret ?
  11. L

    Re: Instant Forex Secret System

    Re: Instant Forex Secret System Hello, Someone can share this?
  12. F

    (Req) Instant Trading Profits

    Anyone has this new trading system (not robot) ?
  13. T

    Instant Forex Profit Robot

    hello does anyone have this robot? thx!
  14. B

    Instant FX Trend Spotter

    Can this really spot trend. Instant FX Trend Spotter This requires License Code. Please educate or share code Step 5. Enter Your License Code to Activate Trend Spotter *Important Information on License and Activation
  15. A

    instant execution

    hello,any body knows brokers with scalp allowing and instant execution ? i wanna to make money via scalp expert,if u can give me good broker name i can share my system after test,
  16. N

    Fx trend Assassin and instant pip

    Hi guy, can anybody please share any of this indicator, if you have it Trend Assassin Instant Pips
  17. G

    (shr) instant forex cash

    Instant Forex Cash Here's a system from Timothy Stevens, sells for $77 Enjoy!
  18. S

    Please fix small problem this simple EA

    Hello! please help me. i need this realy !!! i want when ea open instant sell order(just open instant sell order). modify open pending order with this code (modify pending order 2). i thank for your help now.:)
  19. R

    Does anybody have Instant profits or profitmaster

    Hi guys Does anybody have Quantum swing trader or Instant profits or profitsrun of Bill poulos please post links give us some info regards rvlvvel
  20. L

    EA:s for sale?

    Anyone know if this site is trustable? Forex Expert Advisor : : Instant Download Example: SharkEA v6.0 $2.60 WallStreetEA v3.8 $2.60