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    Tips to rebuild credibility

    Sometimes we encounter problems with credibility and reputation if we had some unpaid loan before or past failure to keep up with our credit agreements. With the right steps, would you think it is possible to rebuild it and get a loan again? But how could our bad loan credit history could...
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    A House for Investment

    Aside from my shop and stocks investments. I was able to purchased this property in cash that's quite a bit old already but the location is very accessible. I'm planning to make this as another investment ( house rental). And I wish to maximize the return of investment soon but I need to make...
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    U.S. mortgage collectors gag homeowners in loan deals

    Joseph and Neidin Henard thought they had finally fixed the mortgage that was crushing them. In January, the couple reached a settlement with every company that had a stake in the mortgage on their house in Santa Cruz, California, a deal that would have slashed their monthly payment by almost...
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    U.S. backs $500 million in loan guarantees for Tunisia

    The United States on Friday said it would provide a new loan guarantee for Tunisia worth about $500 million as part of a continuing effort to help the North African nation recover following its 2011 uprising. President Barack Obama, speaking ahead of a meeting with Tunisian Prime Minister Mehdi...
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    With too few borrowers, Japan's regional banks are urged to merge

    Japanese regulators are increasing the pressure on regional banks to consolidate, worried that shrinking populations outside the nation's major cities will leave lenders too weak to stand on their own. After direct prodding from the head of the Financial Services Agency (FSA) for the more than...
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    Tesla to Raise More Than $1 Billion to Repay US Loan - Bloomberg

    Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg Tesla’s funding plan comes after the company last week reported its first quarterly profit. Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA), the electric-car maker run by Elon Musk, will use proceeds from a sale of shares and debt to repay its U.S. loan as much as nine years ahead of...
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    Leveraged loan guidance less restrictive than feared

    Bank regulators issued the first risk controls in a dozen years for lending to faltering companies, tempering some proposals the flourishing industry viewed as most egregious and expensive. The new standards, crafted to avert a repeat of the type of bubble that sank the U.S. housing market and...
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    [2004] James R. Barth, Susanne Trimbath, Glenn Yago ebooks [Savings & Loan Crisis]

    [2004] James R. Barth, Susanne Trimbath, Glenn Yago ebooks [Savings & Loan Crisis] The Savings and Loan Crisis: Lessons from a Regulatory Failure Website: