1. P

    (ask) Anyone Know Which EA?

    IF anyone can tell me please which EA is the EA in this myfxbook page : Contest - Aleksei15 System by Aleksei15 | Myfxbook Thank you.
  2. 5

    (Req) forex billionaires club !!!!

    i just saw a page on Instagram named forex billionaires club . look at the result ... does anyone know how they doing that? they just trade on GBPJPY .
  3. B

    (Help) Financial Statements 101: How to read a Balance Sheet

    Please visit this web page Financial Statements 101: How to read a Balance Sheet / AvaxHome Description of the course is there in that web page itself. Links to the file are at the bottom of the above mentioned web page First part of the file is of the size of 260 M. B. which is impossible...
  4. M

    ACB Forex

    The indicators are in ZIP format but need a password to unzip them. I don't have a tool to break the PW. Maybe you do. Ifso, unlock and share. Download: Sales Page:
  5. murcu1

    Cobra Style Care 4h

    System is designed for 4h EUR / USD and can and for GBP / USD 4h .I I tried to test but not successfully .I can get a 99% on the saw .O systemu do not know much and I found it on a page .For unknown that I do not pitati.Mozemo to exchange different opinions through testing if someone is interested
  6. D

    ETMA The Evolution

    dear traders and coders can anybody have this forex system ETMA_The Evolution - Page 44 @ Forex Factory thank you advance DHanu
  7. L

    REQ: Forex PayMaster Robot!

    Here is a new EA from Rita! Hope somebody can share for testing.... Forex PayMaster Robot: main page (50% OFF + BONUS)
  8. M

    Trend Dedector EA v2.9

    Hi, I found this EA! The results look good. Unfortunately, there is no longer the home page and the email address is switched off. Please EDU the EA for all members of WWI.
  9. peachy

    (Discussion) Forum Discussion of Myfxbook

    Okay, we are going to openly discuss this. Here is the rules, do not push the point. I am going to give several examples that far out way what we have to deal with. Myfxbook has presented several problems with this forum. We are open to discuss how we might work around a possible...
  10. A

    Daryl Guppy video

    Daryl Guppy - GMMA Trend Volatility Management The below mentioned link is the description page. Many Thanks.
  11. I

    Req..please share this indicator

    You can view the page at
  12. L

    [REQ] Svetlin Minev ebook - Price Action Strategy: The STEAMM FOREX System

    [REQ] Svetlin Minev ebook - Price Action Strategy: The STEAMM FOREX System You can view the page at
  13. B

    ( REQ ) Silver Surfer Complete Trading Strategy V.8.1

    This is a older system that after doing some google searches I cant seem to find any download locations only advertisments. Does anybody out there have this or know where to find it . I have simular indicators from other systems but I am interested to know what parameters the indicators are set...
  14. freddieforex

    Jim Cramer's Get Rich Carefully

    You can view the page at
  15. J

    Michael Harris

    You can view the page at
  16. C

    Can't download EAs anymore from forum

    I've been with WWI for a while and have downloaded quite a few EAs. Now, when I attempt to download an EA, I no longer get the standard Windows download dialogue box. Instead, I'm directed to another page, which directs me to another page with multiple download links. But, every time I click on...
  17. freddieforex

    Recent Occurrences With Forum Technical Issues

    Question, does the forum have the ability to notify all members with a pop up or a warning page when they log in stating that a technical issue is being worked on, (downloading...links) or that a new rule is now going into effect, (membership posting counts have changed to a new count if members...
  18. G

    major typo on front page

    on the right side the 'threads' column on the front page...says 'theards' lol
  19. D

    This Lego Robot Can Outwit Amazon's Kindle And Make Copies Of Your E-Books.

    This Lego Robot Can Outwit Amazon's Kindle And Make Copies Of Your E-Books. Vienna University of Technology professor Peter Purgathofer has devised a way to scan Kindle e-books using nothing more than Lego Mindstorms and cloud-based software for optical character recognition, reports All Things...
  20. R

    [2008] Peter Reznicek [DayTrading]

    The 10 Laws of Daytrading Peter Reznicek . A very short 8 page pamplet, but interesting anyway.